Straumann Launches Another String of Implant Systems in Europe

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At the 27th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration in Vienna, Straumann announced the launch of several new products, including a new two-piece ceramic implant and a mini-implant system. The company also presented initial results from the pre-clinical and clinical program that is underway with its innovative fully-tapered implant, BLX. Straumann isinitiating a limited market release of this exciting addition to its portfolio of immediate implant solutions, and the full market release is expected to follow in the course of next year.

Straumann PURE ceramic implant portfolio expanded

The Straumann PURE CI range is designed for highly esthetic tooth replacement, especially in the esthetic zone. Made from a high-performance ceramic with the color and translucence of natural tooth roots, the implants have a ZLA® surface to provide highly predictable osseointegration.

To complement the existing PURE Monotype design, Straumann is launching a two-piece solution, which adds prosthetic flexibility and considerably facilitates handling. It is also suitable for guided implant placement.

Straumann has included the PURE range in its Lifetime Plus Guarantee program, giving additional confidence and peace of mind to customers and patients. It is the first manufacturer to offer this level of guarantee for a ceramic implant system.

A new standard in mini implants

Straumann estimates that as many as one in ten implant procedures globally are for full-arch reconstructions. Very small diameter monotype dental implants offer a cost-effective, immediate and minimally invasive solution for edentulous patients with reduced horizontal bone. More than a million mini implants were placed in 2017 and their popularity is growing rapidly – not least because they can avoid bone grafting procedures that would otherwise be necessary to support wider implants.

Using its expertise in high-performance small-diameter implants and denture retention systems, Straumann has developed a premium quality mini implant that is just 2.4mm in diameter. Like the company’s BLT implant, it has an apically tapered design to achieve the high primary stability needed for immediate replacement protocols. In addition, the implant has a specially designed thread, which reduces the drilling protocol.

Unlike other mini implants, the Straumann Mini Implant is made of high-strength Roxolid® and has an SLA® surface to enhance reliable osseointegration. It also features a built-in Optiloc® connection, which uses a combination of ADLC coating and PEEK inserts to achieve low friction between the implant and the matrix, resulting in excellent wear resistance, exceptional long-term performance and low maintenance. With all of these features, together with the reliability of the Straumann brand, this sets a new standard in mini implants.

The spotlight turns to BLX

Straumann has been addressing the topic of immediacy in tooth replacement for many years as the company seeks to meet demand for even shorter treatment times coupled with predictable and personalized treatment options.

The company has made significant inroads into the field of immediate implant treatment with its apically tapered BLT (Bone Level Tapered) implant, which was launched in 2015 and is now its best-selling implant. While BLT continues to grow strongly, it does not address the highly attractive fully-tapered implant segment, which is growing the fastest and now accounts for one in every four implants placed. To fill this gap in its portfolio, Straumann began working with the world’s leading experts in the field with the goal of developing the most advanced fully-tapered implant system. BLX is the result. Its innovative design, combined with Straumann’s proven Roxolid and SLActive ® technologies, creates a unique next-generation implant system that brings a new level of confidence – not just for immediacy, but for all indications. BLX is designed to optimize primary stability in all bone classes, to simplify restorative workflows and to achieve predictable outcomes – even in complex cases.

In Straumann’s corporate forum at the EAO, renowned experts will present the latest pre-clinical and clinical evidence on this exciting new implant. In the first of five lectures, Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas will present a scientific and clinical update on immediate treatment protocols in implant dentistry. He is followed by Dr Ophir Fromovich, who will describe the fundamental features of BLX. In the third lecture, Prof. Helena Francisco will present results from preclinical studies with BLX, highlighting its excellent osseointegration and bone maintenance properties. The fourth lecture, by Drs. Leon Pariente and Karim Dada, will present clinical cases of immediate restoration in the esthetic zone and will discuss the decision-making process. Prof. Gabor Tepper will present the fifth lecture, on immediate treatment with BLX in challenging clinical situations, and will conclude by looking at the implant’s broad spectrum of indications.


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