SpineCraft Announces the Launch of the PANORAMA Retractor

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In a recent press release, SpineCraft announced the launch of the PANORAMA retractor for minimally invasive spine surgery.

The patent-pending design includes a window that allows increased instrument angulation and versatility and expands the surgeon’s ability to access the entire disc space including difficult to reach contralateral locations.

PANORAMA opens the confines of a traditional cylindrical tube improving the efficiency and effectiveness intervertebral discectomy and endplate preparation for fusion and allows more controlled and precise implant positioning.

Steve Mather MD Orthopedic Surgeon DuPage Medical Group

I began using the SpineCraft PANORAMA retractor for my minimally invasive TLIF procedures and I have found that the retractor window frees my instruments so I can now reach the entire disc space including difficult to access contralateral anatomy.

For years I had used a standard cylindrical tube that was confining and required tedious and time consuming repositioning to adequately address the pathology and to properly prepare the disc space for the interbody implant. The addition of the window in the PANORAMA retractor eliminates this problem and expands the functionality of an MIS retractor. This advancement has translated into a more efficient procedure, precise implant positioning and a reduction in surgery time

With the launch of PANORAMA, SpineCraft continues to expand its minimally invasive spine portfolio with innovative and functional systems that benefit the surgeon and the patients they treat.

About SpineCraft
SpineCraft is a privately held US medical device company offering a wide range of products for addressing spinal deformities & complex spine problems, minimally invasive spine surgery, cervical & thoracolumbar degenerative conditions and non-fusion applications.

Source: https://www.beckersspine.com/orthopedic-a-spine-device-a-implant-news/item/41197-spinecraft-announces-the-launch-of-the-panorama-retractor.html

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