Spine Wave Launches Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System Implants

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Spine Wave is increasing the Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System’s product offering to further serve the posterior cervical spine market.  The system is gaining rapid adoption by spine surgeons, primarily due to its patented tri-lobe polyaxial screw design which offers a best in class 120 degrees of angulation.  Now, the Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System is expanded to include a range of new implants that make the system even more versatile for complex posterior cervical-thoracic procedures.

The Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System is now offered with a unique translation screw that provides medial-to-lateral translation to facilitate improved rod placement in posterior cervical-thoracic fixation procedures.  Other new Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System implants include screw-to-rod lateral connectors, rod-to-rod connectors, and smooth-shank screws as an alternative for fixation of the uppermost cervical spine levels.  Taken together, these new implants make the Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System even more appealing for complex posterior cervical-thoracic procedures.

“The Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System is an excellent alternative for spine surgeons treating complex posterior cervical-thoracic pathology,” said Peter G. Passias, M.D., FACS, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic and Neurological Surgery, NYU Health, New York, NY.  “The anatomy of the cervical-thoracic junction can make posterior cervical fixation procedures crossing that junction very challenging.  The Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System is versatile by design and these new implants make it even more so.”  “In particular,” Dr. Passias continued, “the system’s new translational screw makes rod placement in these procedures faster and easier in my practice because of the unique medial-to-lateral translation capability that it offers.”

“We have been very pleased with how well the Proficient® System has been received in the marketplace. The 120 degrees of angulation has been the biggest selling point and now the system is even more versatile with the advent of the translational screws,” said Mark LoGuidice, Spine Wave CEO. “Historically, Spine Wave has focused on thoraco-lumbar technologies. The Proficient® System is our first internally developed cervical offering and our engineers and surgeon designers have done a phenomenal job with this system.  In addition, we plan to launch a unique anterior cervical technology in the middle of this year. This important anterior system is currently in a limited market release and based on the early feedback, we have high expectations for this system as well.”

About Spine Wave

Spine Wave is a leader in expandable fusion technologies and is committed to continually delivering highly differentiated products to enable more efficient and less invasive solutions for spine surgeons and their patients. In addition to the Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System, Spine Wave also offers a broad portfolio of expandable devices marketed under the StaXx®, Velocity® and Leva® brand names.  The expandable technologies can be utilized in posterior, anterior and lateral surgical approaches.  To complement the expandable spacers, Spine Wave offers a comprehensive line of pedicle screws for both minimally invasive and traditional open approaches. Additionally, Spine Wave recently launched the GraftMag® Graft Delivery System which is being very well received because it is designed to make interbody bone grafting procedures faster and easier for surgeons.  The company is expanding rapidly and continues to recruit sales managers and independent distributors to fuel growth.


For Further Information

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