Spinal Kinetics, DePuy Synthes Lead Europe Cervical Artificial Disc Market as a Popular Alternative to Spinal Fusion Procedures in the Region

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According to a new series of reports on the Europe market for spinal implants by iData Research, procedural growth, favorable reimbursement policies and its use as an alternative to spinal fusion is driving the Europe cervical artificial disc market. Growth rates will be maintained due to increased adoption rates and patient education. The total artificial disc market represents a growing share of the overall motion preservation device market in Europe, which includes cervical and lumbar artificial discs as well as dynamic posterior stabilization and interspinous process decompression devices.

Growth of the motion preservation market has been attributed to the continued expansion of the artificial disc market. Growth of the artificial disc market will be further fueled primarily by cervical artificial discs (CADs) due to their Growth of the artificial disc market will be further fueled primarily by cervical artificial discs (CADs) due to their procedural simplicity, excellent clinical outcomes, favorable reimbursement, along with compelling economic incentive to the health care system. Furthermore, the introduction and adoption of next generation artificial disc designs will continue to augment the market. For example, in a recent press release “Spinal Kinetics […] announced that total implantations of the company’s M6-C Cervical and M6-L Lumbar discs have now exceeded 50,000 throughout the international markets where the M6 is commercially available.”

“We are extremely proud as an organization to reach the 50,000 implant level and are appreciative of the spine surgeon community in adopting the M6 technology,” states Tom Afzal, President and CEO of Spinal Kinetics¹. “We believe this milestone continues to validate the market demand for more advanced artificial disc technologies that are designed to closely mimic a natural disc’s motion characteristics, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes.”

“The CAD market grew driven by the more recent emergence of the technology, in addition to the available literature supporting the procedure,” explains Jeffrey Wong, Strategic Analyst Manager at iData Research. “The artificial disc market will continue to exhibit growth due to newer CAD devices, which will increase the prevalence and popularity of artificial discs in the market.”

Spinal Kinetics and DePuy Synthes currently lead the Europe market for cervical and lumbar artificial discs. DePuy Synthes’ presence is supported by brand recognition and loyalty towards their ProDisc®-L and ProDisc®-C line of products. However, DePuy Synthes’ position will continue to be challenged with the recent emergence of numerous new products and competitors. Spinal Kinetics continues to make gains in the European market with the M6®-C and M6®-L artificial discs. These devices were the first of its kind to replicate the anatomic and biomechanical attributes of a natural intervertebral disc.

Additional competitors in the overall motion preservation device market in Europe includes Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet, Paradigm Spine, Globus Medical, Cousin Biotech, Ulrich Medical and SpineVision among others.

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