Scripps Health Signs 7-Year Purchase Agreement with ICU Medical

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Plum 360 infusion system, courtesy of ICU Medical.

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Icu Medical announces a 7-year purchase agreement with Scripps Health of ICU’s complete line of IV products, including the Plum 360 infusion therapy system with ICU Medical MedNet IV medication safety software. The contract is for almost 2,500 of the Plum 360 smart infusion pumps (which offer air management, so that the IV does not need to be disconnected from the patient, as well as full IV-EHR interoperability. The Plum 360 also offers one-of-a-kind fluid delivery technology, which minimizes patient discomfort, risk of contamination, and reduces the exposure to hazardous medications.

“We appreciate the increased level of clinical and IT diligence that Scripps Health performed to evaluate our technology and capabilities as part of their robust value analysis process,’’ said Dan Woolson, corporate vice president and general manager of ICU Medical Infusion Systems. “Our clinically differentiated, innovative, best-in-breed products are in line with Scripps Health’s future vision.”

Research from iData Research identifies the infusion therapy market in the U.S. as a mixture of single-procedure devices, such as IV sets and needleless connectors, and the capital equipment, such as IV pumps and software. The IV set market represented the market with the largest value, due to a high number of IV sets and relatively high average selling prices (ASPs) of primary dedicated IV sets. The market for infusion pumps is comparable to the IV set market in value.

The infusion pump market is highly saturated, and the majority of units sold go towards replacing existing systems. Infusion pumps are offered in a wide variety of configurations of technical specifications, including large volume, syringe, mobile patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) devices and elastomeric (inflatable) pumps. These expensive capital equipment purchases, particularly for newer, innovative devices, occur across acute, outpatient and home care environments. In regards to ICU Medical’s 360 Plum infusion therapy devices, their technological specifications set them apart from competitors.

“We appreciate the support of our IV Pump Steering Committee—made up of pharmacists, advance practice nurses, nurse leaders and biomedical engineering—devoted to our clinically integrated approach to contracting,” said Cecile Hozouri, assistant vice president of supply chain management at Scripps. “This is one of many examples at Scripps where we had clinicians at the forefront of the value analysis process, choosing technology based on clinical evidence, ease of use, and interoperability with Epic.”


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More on the infusion therapy device market in the U.S. can be found in a series of reports published by iData entitled the U.S. Market Report Suite for Infusion Therapy Devices.

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