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The European interventional cardiology market is currently valued at nearly $1.4 billion. This is a mature market that has been in decline for many years as a result of market-wide factors, such as lack of innovation, consistent price erosion and increased competition. In recent years, the interventional cardiology market has been experiencing a period of consolidation, whereby large competitors are entering new market segments organically or through strategic mergers and acquisitions. This has resulted in tremendous downward pricing pressure, as consolidated companies have more power to bundle various devices at a discount in order to win tenders and contract offers with hospitals and labs.

Recent Mergers and Acquisition in Interventional Cardiology

A closer analysis of recent market transactions reveals that deals are, on average, becoming increasingly large in size. This trend is not unique to interventional cardiology markets and is prevalent in other mature medical device markets as well. Market segments that are smaller in size — like vascular closure devices, optical coherenace tomography (OCT) catheters and fractional flow reserve (FFR) guidewires — will be affected the most by recent market transactions. Recent cardiology mergers include:

Philips Acquires Spectranetics, Expanding its Image-guided Therapy Device Offerings

Abbott Completes Acquisition of St. Jude Medical

Teleflex to Acquire Vascular Solutions

Philips Acquires Volcano for $1 Billion to Expand Position in Interventional Lab Market

VCD Market Has the Greatest Downside

The vascular closure devices (VCD) market segment is expected to be amongst the most negatively affected in the market, as the anticipated price erosion will outpace growth in sales volume. In addition…

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