Patient Monitoring Equipment Market Size, Share, and COVID-19 Impact Analysis | Global | 2022-2028 | MedSuite | Includes: Fetal and Neonatal Monitoring Market, Pulse Oximetry Monitoring Market, and 5 more

  • Year: 2022
  • Scope: 10 Years
  • Region: Global
  • Type: MedSuite

In 2021, the global patient monitoring market size reached approximately $9.8 billion, with the wireless ambulatory telemetry market showing the fastest growth and demand. In spite of COVID-19, the global market size is expected to increase over the forecast period and exceed $12.3 billion in 2028. Currently, the majority of the global market share is controlled by two main companies – Philips Healthcare, and GE Healthcare.Global pmeGlobally, there is an increased awareness among both physicians and patients as to the benefits of monitoring in a wide array of areas, including continual monitoring both in hospital as well as in the home. This is not only driving demand for existing devices, but also motivating innovation in the market across multiple segments. As devices continue to improve their array of features and lower their costs, the healthcare population will be more motivated to act on this awareness to purchase new devices.

Patient monitoring is a relatively long-standing component of the healthcare offered in most regions and, as such, certain markets have begun to saturate in terms of the installations of monitoring devices. Although somewhat buffered by technological advancements, the market for many patient monitoring devices is already saturated in certain key regions, such North America and Western Europe. This market characteristic constrains the growth of the market, limiting the majority of sales to replacement sales.


  • Unit Sales, Average Selling Prices, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis
  • 10 Year Scope and Forecast Range
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for Each Segment
  • Competitive Analysis with Market Shares for Each Segment
  • Recent Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Disease Overviews and Demographic Information
  • Company Profiles and SWOT for Top Competitors


The impact of the pandemic on the global patient equipment monitoring market has varied depending on segment. Many of the key market segments, including multi-parameter vitals sign monitoring, wireless ambulatory telemetry monitoring, pulse oximetry monitoring and blood pressure monitoring experienced a positive increase in total market value due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite overall declines to most procedural volumes on a global scale, monitoring of key patient vitals became increasingly important as the pandemic developed. This greatly increased the demand for various monitoring devices, particularly in regions with historically low saturation rates.


Overall, two major companies dominate the global patient monitoring equipment markets – Philips Healthcare, and GE Healthcare.Global patient monitoring Philips Healthcare was the leading competitor in the global patient monitoring equipment market. Philips led a number of notable segments, including multi-parameter vital signs monitoring, wireless ambulatory telemetry monitoring and fetal and neonatal monitoring. Philips has a globally recognized brand that it is able to leverage into a strong market position in multiple regional markets.


While this MedSuite report contains all the Global Patient Monitoring market data and analysis, each of the market segments is also available as stand-alone MedCore reports. This allows you to get access to only the market research that you need.


Report Attribute Details
Regions North America (Canada, United States)
Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela)
Western Europe (Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, U.K.)
Central & Eastern Europe (Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine)
Middle East (Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
Asia Pacific (Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam)
Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda)
Base Year 2021
Forecast 2022-2028
Historical Data 2018-2021
Quantitative Coverage Market Size, Market Shares, Market Forecasts, Market Growth Rates, Units Sold, and Average Selling Prices.
Qualitative Coverage COVID-19 Impact, Market Growth Trends, Market Limiters, Competitive Analysis & SWOT for Top Competitors, Mergers & Acquisitions, Company Profiles, Product Portfolios, FDA Recalls, Disruptive Technologies, Disease Overviews.
Data Sources Primary Interviews with Industry Leaders, Government Physician Data, Regulatory Data, Hospital Private Data, Import & Export Data, iData Research Internal Database.


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LIST OF FIGURES XXIXLIST OF CHARTS XIEXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1U.S. PATIENT MONITORING EQUIPMENT MARKET OVERVIEW 1COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS 4MARKET TRENDS 9MARKET DEVELOPMENTS 11MARKETS INCLUDED 14KEY REPORT UPDATES 19VERSION HISTORY 19RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 20Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection 20Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research 23Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design 25Step 4: Performing Primary Research 26Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates 28Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis 29Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities 31Step 8: Final Review and Market Release 32Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring 33


2.1 INTRODUCTION 342.2 HOSPITAL SETTINGS 342.3 PRODUCT PORTFOLIOS 362.3.1 Blood Pressure Monitoring 362.3.2.1 Pulmonary Artery Catheter 382.3.2.2 Minimally and Non-Invasive Monitoring 382.3.6.1 Fetal Monitoring 472.3.6.2 Neonatal Monitoring 472.3.10.1 Telehealth Solutions 582.3.10.2 Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices 582.3.11.1 Wireless Ambulatory Telemetry Monitors 612.3.11.2 Central Stations 612.3.11.3 System Infrastructure 612.4 REGULATORY ISSUES AND RECALLS 642.4.1 Multiparameter Vital Signs Monitoring Devices 642.4.2 Pulse Oximetry Monitoring Devices 742.4.3 Telehealth Devices 772.4.4 Wireless Telemetry Monitoring Devices 782.5 CLINICAL TRIALS 802.5.1 Blood Pressure Monitoring 802.5.1.1 Edwards Lifescience 802.5.1.2 GE Healthcare 812.5.1.3 Omron Healthcare 812.5.1.4 Other companies 822.5.2 Cerebral Oximetry 832.5.2.1 Masimo 832.5.2.2 Medtronic 842.5.2.3 Nonin Medical 852.5.2.4 Other Companies 862.5.3 Multiparameter Vital Signs Monitoring 862.5.3.1 Masimo 862.5.3.2 Philips Healthcare 872.5.4 Pulse Oximetry 882.5.4.1 GE Healthcare 882.5.4.2 Masimo 882.5.4.3 Medtronic 892.5.4.4 Nonin Medical 932.5.4.5 Other Companies 932.5.5 Telehealth 952.5.5.1 Medtronic 952.5.5.2 Philips Healthcare 972.5.5.3 St. Jude Medical 972.5.5.4 Welch Allyn 982.5.5.5 Other Companies 99


3.1 INTRODUCTION 1013.1.1 Monitoring Devices 1013.1.2 Telehealth 1023.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 1043.3 TREND ANALYSIS BY SEGMENT 1103.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 1143.4.1 Market Drivers 1143.4.2 Market Limiters 1173.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 1213.6 MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS 1433.7 COMPANY PROFILES 1463.7.1 Clarity Medical 1463.7.2 CONTEC Medical 1473.7.3 Draeger Medical 1483.7.4 Edwards Lifesciences 1493.7.5 Fukuda Denshi 1503.7.6 GE Healthcare 1513.7.7 Honeywell Life Care Solutions 1523.7.8 Masimo 1533.7.9 Medtronic 1543.7.10 Mindray Medical 1563.7.11 Natus Medical 1573.7.12 Nihon Kohden 1583.7.13 Omron Healthcare 1593.7.14 Philips Healthcare 1603.7.15 St Jude Medical (Abbott) 1613.7.16 Welch Allyn 1623.8 SWOT ANALYSIS 1633.8.1 Clarity Medical 1643.8.2 CONTEC Medical 1653.8.3 Draeger Medical 1663.8.4 Edwards Lifesciences 1673.8.5 Fukuda Denshi 1683.8.6 GE Healthcare 1693.8.7 Honeywell Life Care Solutions 1703.8.8 Masimo 1713.8.9 Medtronic 1723.8.10 Mindray Medical 1733.8.11 Natus Medical 1743.8.12 Nihon Kohden 1753.8.13 Omron Healthcare 1763.8.14 Philips Healthcare 1773.8.15 St. Jude Medical (Abbott) 1783.8.16 Welch Allyn 179


4.1 INTRODUCTION 1804.1.1 The Evolution of Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring 1814.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 1844.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 1894.3.1 Total Low-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 1894.3.1.1 Hospital Low-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 1944. Hospital Low-Acuity Bedside Monitor with ECG Waveforms Market 1994. Hospital Low-Acuity Bedside Monitor without ECG Waveforms Market 2024. Hospital Low-Acuity Spot Check Monitor Market 2054.3.1.2 Alternate Care Low-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 2084. Alternate Care Low-Acuity Bedside Monitor with ECG Waveforms Market 2134. Alternate Care Low-Acuity Bedside Monitor without ECG Waveforms Market 2154. Alternate Care Low-Acuity Spot Check Monitor Market 2174.3.2 Total Mid-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 2194.3.2.1 Hospital Mid-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 2244.3.2.2 Alternate Care Mid-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 2264.3.3 High-Acuity Vital Sign Monitoring Market 2284.3.4 Total Central Station Monitoring Market 2314.3.4.1 Low-Acuity Central Station Monitoring Market 2364.3.4.2 Mid-Acuity Central Station Monitoring Market 2384.3.4.3 High-Acuity Central Station Monitoring Market 2404.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2424.4.1 Market Drivers 2424.4.2 Market Limiters 2434.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 245


5.1 INTRODUCTION 2515.1.1 Wireless Ambulatory Telemetry Monitors 2515.1.2 Central Stations 2515.1.3 System Infrastructure 2525.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 2535.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2585.3.1 Total Patient-Worn Monitor Market 2585.3.1.1 Hospital Patient-Worn Monitor Market 2635.3.1.2 Alternate Patient-Worn Monitor Market 2655.3.2 Wireless Ambulatory Telemetry Central Station Market 2675.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 2705.4.1 Market Drivers 2705.4.2 Market Limiters 2715.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 273


6.1 INTRODUCTION 2796.1.1 Telehealth Solutions 2796.1.2 Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices 2796.1.3 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2806.1.4 Diabetes 2806.1.5 Hypertension 2806.1.6 Heart Conditions 2806.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 2826.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 2876.3.1 Total Disease Conditions Management Telehealth Monitoring Market 2876.3.1.1 Purchased Telehealth Monitoring for Disease Conditions Management Market 2926.3.1.2 Leased Telehealth Monitoring for Disease Conditions Management Market 2956.3.2 Cardiac Implantable Electric Device Telehealth Market 2986.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 3016.4.1 Market Drivers 3016.4.2 Market Limiters 3036.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 305


7.1 INTRODUCTION 3117.1.1 Indications 3117.1.1.1 Hydrocephalus 3127.1.1.2 Cerebral Edema 3127.1.2 Applications 3127.1.3 Complications 3137.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 3147.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 3197.3.1 Total ICP Transducer System Market 3197.3.1.1 Internal ICP Transducer System Market 3247.3.1.2 External ICP Transducer System Market 3267.3.2 ICP Drainage Device Market 3287.3.3 Total Advanced ICP Monitoring Market 3317.3.3.1 Advanced ICP Monitor Market 3367.3.3.2 Monitor with Tissue Oxygen Saturation Market 3387.3.3.3 Advanced ICP Sensor Market 3407.3.4 Total Universal ICP Disposables Market 3427.3.4.1 Universal ICP Cranial Access Kit Market 3467.3.4.2 Total Universal ICP Catheter Market 3487. Standard ICP Catheter Market 3537. Antimicrobial ICP Catheter Market 3557.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 3577.4.1 Market Drivers 3577.4.2 Market Limiters 3587.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 359


8.1 INTRODUCTION 3638.1.1 Neuropathy 3638.1.2 Myopathy 3648.1.3 Applications 3648.1.4 Complications 3648.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 3658.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 3708.3.1 Total EMG Monitor Market 3708.3.1.1 Hospital EMG Monitor Market 3758.3.1.2 Alternate Care EMG Monitor Market 3778.3.2 Total EMG Consumables Market 3798.3.2.1 EMG Concentric Needle Market 3848.3.2.2 EMG Monopolar Needle Market 3878.3.2.3 EMG Surface Electrode Market 3898.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 392v8.4.1 Market Drivers 3928.4.2 Market Limiters 3928.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 394


9.1 INTRODUCTION 3989.1.1 Epileptic Seizures 3989.1.2 Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures 3999.1.3 Applications 3999.1.4 Device Types 4009.1.4.1 Clinical EEG Monitoring 4009.1.4.2 Long-Term EEG Monitoring 4009.1.4.3 ICU EEG Monitoring 4019.1.4.4 Research EEG Monitoring 4019.1.4.5 Depth of Anesthesia EEG Monitoring 4019.1.5 Emerging Markets: Consumer EEG 4019.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 4029.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 4079.3.1 Total Diagnostic EEG Market 4079.3.1.1 Clinical EEG Monitoring Market 4129. Hospital Clinical EEG Monitoring Market 4179. Alternate Care Clinical EEG Monitoring Market 4209.3.1.2 Long-Term EEG Monitoring Market 4229.3.1.3 ICU EEG Monitoring Market 4259.3.1.4 Total EEG Electrode Market 4289. MRI Conditional EEG Electrode Market 4339. Non-MRI Conditional EEG Electrode Market 4369.3.2 Total Depth of Anesthesia EEG Market 4429.3.2.1 Standalone Module Market 4459.3.2.2 OEM Module Market 4479.3.2.3 Sensor Market 4499.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 4519.4.1 Market Drivers 4519.4.2 Market Limiters 4529.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 4559.5.1 Diagnostic EEG Market 4559.5.2 Depth of Anesthesia EEG Market 460


10.1 INTRODUCTION 46310.1.1 Oximetry Technologies 46410.1.2 Market Impacts 46410.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 46510.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 47010.3.1 Cerebral Oximetry Monitor Market 47010.3.2 Total Cerebral Oximetry Sensor Market 47310.3.2.1 Adult Cerebral Oximetry Sensor Market 47810.3.2.2 Pediatric Cerebral Oximetry Sensor Market 48010.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 48210.4.1 Market Drivers 48210.4.2 Market Limiters 48210.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 485


11.1 INTRODUCTION 48811.1.1 Fetal Monitoring 48811.1.2 Neonatal Monitoring 48911.1.3 Invasive and Non-Invasive Monitoring 48911.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 49011.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 49411.3.1 Fetal Monitoring Market 49411.3.2 Total Neonatal Monitoring Market 49711.3.2.1 Hospital Neonatal Monitoring Market 50211.3.2.2 Alternate Care Neonatal Monitoring Market 50411.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 50611.4.1 Market Drivers 50611.4.2 Market Limiters 50711.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 509


12.1 INTRODUCTION 51212.1.1 Types of Oxygen Saturation Monitoring 51312.1.2 Limitations of Pulse Oximetry 51312.1.3 Emerging Technology: Laser Pulse Oximetry 51312.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 51512.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 52012.3.1 Total Hospital Pulse Oximetry Monitoring Market 52012.3.1.1 Total Hospital Pulse Oximetry Sensor Market 52212. Hospital Pulse Oximetry Disposable Sensor Market 52712. Hospital Pulse Oximetry Reusable Sensor Market 53012.3.1.2 Total Hospital Pulse Oximetry Monitor Market 53212. Hospital Pulse Oximetry Bedside Monitor Market 53712. Hospital Pulse Oximetry Handheld Monitor Market 53912. Hospital Pulse Oximetry Fingertip Monitor Market 54112.3.2 Total Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Monitoring Market 54312.3.2.1 Total Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Sensor Market 54512. Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Disposable Sensor Market 54912. Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Reusable Sensor Market 55112.3.2.2 Total Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Monitor Market 55312. Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Bedside Monitor Market 55712. Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Handheld Monitor Market 55912. Alternate Care Pulse Oximetry Fingertip Monitor Market 56112.3.3 OEM Circuit Board Market 56312.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 56612.4.1 Market Drivers 56612.4.2 Market Limiters 56712.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 569


13.1 INTRODUCTION 57313.1.1 The Fick Principle 57313.1.2 Dilution Methods 57413.1.3 Doppler Ultrasound Methods 57413.1.4 Pulse Pressure Methods 57513.1.5 Other Methods 57513.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 57613.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 58113.3.1 Total Pulmonary Artery Catheter Market 58113.3.1.1 Standard (Bolus) Thermodilution Pulmonary Artery Catheter Market 58613.3.1.2 Specialty Pulmonary Artery Catheter Market 58813.3.2 Total Minimally Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring Market 59013.3.2.1 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor Market 59513.3.2.2 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Output Sensor Market 59713.3.3 Total Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring Market 59913.3.3.1 Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor Market 60413.3.3.2 Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Sensor Market 60613.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 60813.4.1 Market Drivers 60813.4.2 Market Limiters 60913.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 611


14.1 INTRODUCTION 61714.1.1 Aneroid versus Digital Blood Pressure Monitoring 61814.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 14.3.1 Total Personal Blood Pressure Monitoring Market 62314.3.1.1 Digital Personal Blood Pressure Monitoring Market 62714.3.1.2 Aneroid Personal Blood Pressure Monitoring Market 62914.3.2 Total Professional Blood Pressure Monitoring Market 63114.3.2.1 Digital Professional Blood Pressure Monitoring Market 63514.3.2.2 Aneroid Professional Blood Pressure Monitoring Market 63814.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 64014.4.1 Market Drivers 64014.4.2 Market Limiters 64114.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 643


15.1 INTRODUCTION 64815.2 MARKET OVERVIEW 65015.3 MARKET ANALYSIS AND FORECAST 65415.3.1 Total Resting Electrocardiogram Market 65415.3.1.1 Hospital-Based Resting Electrocardiogram Market 65815.3.1.2 Total Office-Based Resting Electrocardiogram Market 66015. Purpose Built Office-Based Resting Electrocardiogram Market 66415. PC-Based Office-Based Resting Electrocardiogram Market 66615.3.2 Total Stress Testing Electrocardiogram Market 66815.3.2.1 Hospital-Based Stress Testing Electrocardiogram Market 67315.3.2.2 Office-Based Stress Testing Electrocardiogram Market 67515.3.3 Total Holter Monitoring Recorder Market 67715.3.3.1 Hospital-Based Holter Monitoring Recorder Market 68215.3.3.2 Office-Based Holter Monitoring Recorder Market 68415.3.3.3 IDTF Holter Monitoring Recorder Market 68615.4 DRIVERS AND LIMITERS 68815.4.1 Market Drivers 68815.4.2 Market Limiters 68915.5 COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS 691

All Companies Analyzed in this Study

  • 3A Health Care S.R.L
  • A & D Medical
  • Abbott
  • ADC
  • Advanced Brain Monitoring
  • Advantage Home Telehealth
  • Aerotel Medical Systems
  • Alliance Technology
  • Ambio Heath
  • Ambu
  • AMC Healthcare
  • AMD Global Telemedicine
  • American Telecare
  • American Well
  • Analogic Corporation
  • Apollo Pharmacy
  • ArjoHuntleigh
  • AuthentiDate
  • Avizia
  • B. Braun
  • Beijing Choice
  • Beijing EMG Bearing Co. Ltd.
  • Bestran Technology
  • Beurer
  • Biolight
  • Bionet
  • BioPac
  • BioTelemetry
  • Biotronik
  • Bistos
  • Borze India
  • Bosch + Sohn GmbH
  • Boston Scientific
  • Briggs Healthcare (Mabis)
  • Cadwell
  • Cardiac Science
  • CardiAQ Valve Technologies
  • Cardinal Health
  • Cardioline
  • Care Innovations
  • CareFusion
  • Carejoy Technology
  • Carewell
  • CAS Medical Systems
  • Charmcare Co.
  • Cheetah Medical
  • ChoiceMMed
  • Citizens Systems
  • Clarity Medical
  • Clinical Computer Systems
  • CNSystems
  • Codman & Shurtleff
  • Color Doctor
  • Comen
  • Compumedics
  • Constant Care Technology
  • Contec Medical
  • Cooey
  • Cooper Surgical
  • Creative Medical
  • Criticare Systems
  • Daray Medical
  • Dawei Electronic
  • Deltex Medical
  • Devon Medical
  • DexCom
  • DM Systems
  • Dräger Medical
  • EBNeuro
  • Edan Medical
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Electrical Geodesics Inc
  • Ellen Healthcare
  • Elmiko
  • EMD Biomedical
  • Entra Health
  • Equinox
  • Erka
  • ERT
  • External Transducer Companies
  • Fukuda Denshi
  • GE Healthcare
  • Generic Label
  • Geratherm Medical
  • Gibson
  • GlobalMed Telemedicine
  • Goldway
  • Graham-Field
  • Grass Technologies
  • Gymna
  • Halma plc.
  • Harpoon Medical Inc.
  • Healicom
  • Heyer Medical AG
  • Holtex
  • HoMedics
  • Honeywell Life Sciences
  • Huntleigh Healthcare
  • Hutchinson Technology
  • HydroDot
  • ICU Medical
  • IdealLife
  • iHealth
  • Infinium Medical
  • inomed
  • Integra Lifesciences
  • Intelesens
  • Intensa Inc.
  • Ives EEG Solutions
  • Ivy Biomedical
  • Jerry Medical Instruments
  • Joymed Technology
  • Jumper
  • Kellyunion International
  • Kernal Medical Equipment
  • Konsung Homecare
  • Krestel Laboratories
  • Krishkare Health
  • Kwangwon Medical
  • Labtron
  • Laerdal Global Health
  • Lanaform
  • LG CNS
  • LiDCO
  • Lifewatch AG
  • Luckcome
  • ManthaMed
  • Masimo
  • Maya Medical
  • Mazor Robotics
  • McKesson
  • Mediaid Inc
  • Mediana
  • Medicomp
  • Medifit Instruments Ltd.
  • Medisanté AG
  • Medlab GmbH
  • Medline
  • Medocity
  • Medsinglong
  • Medtronic
  • Mekics Co. Ltd
  • Mennen Medical
  • Microlife
  • Micromed
  • Midmark
  • Mindray Medical
  • MT Medical
  • Nasiff Associates
  • Natus Medical
  • NCC Medical
  • Neoventa
  • Neuroelectrics
  • Neuro-Force Co.
  • Neurosign Surgical
  • Neurosoft Company
  • Neurowerk
  • Nidek India
  • Nihon Kohden
  • Niscomed
  • Nonin Medical
  • Noraxon
  • NS Indústria de Aparelhos Médicos
  • OBS Medical
  • Omron Healthcare
  • Operon Biotech
  • Optima
  • Optum (UnitedHealth)
  • Ornim Medical
  • Osypka Medical
  • Panasonic
  • Penlon
  • PeriGen
  • Perlong Medical
  • Pfizier Inc
  • Phenitec Co
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Physioflow
  • Polymap Wireless
  • Premier Value
  • Prestige Medical
  • Progetti Medical
  • Promed Medical
  • Proway
  • Pulsion Medical
  • Qardio
  • Rainbow Technology
  • Raumediic
  • Refine Medical
  • RGB Medical
  • RhythmLink
  • Rinicare Ltd.
  • RMS Medical
  • Robert Bosch Healthcare
  • Ro-Chain
  • Rochester Medical
  • Rossmax International
  • Rudolf Riester
  • Saikang Medical
  • Samsung
  • Santamedical
  • Schiller
  • ScottCare
  • Shimmer
  • Smiths Medical
  • Solomon
  • Sonoscape
  • Sophysa
  • Sorin Medical
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Spengler
  • Spes Medica
  • St. Jude Medical
  • Sunbright Industrial Co.
  • SunTech Medical
  • Technomed Europe
  • Tecno-Gas S.p.A.
  • Teijin Pharma
  • Teleflex Medical
  • Tibrewala Industries
  • Toitu
  • Tunstall Healthcare
  • UMS Technologies
  • Utah Medical
  • Utech Co.
  • Valtech Cardio Ltd
  • Veridian Healthcare
  • ViTel Net (ViTelCare)
  • Viterion Telehealthcare
  • Vkare
  • Votem Co.
  • VRI
  • WA Baum
  • Wagner Industrial
  • Welch Allyn
  • YKD Technology
  • Zoe Medical Inc.
  • Zondan
  • Zondan Medical
  • Zondan Medical Equipment

iData’s 9-Step Research Methodology

Our reports follow an in-depth 9-step methodology which focuses on the following research systems:

  • Original primary research that consists of the most up-to-date market data
  • Strong foundation of quantitative and qualitative research
  • Focused on the needs and strategic challenges of the industry participants

Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection During this preliminary investigation, all staff members involved in the industry discusses the topic in detail.

Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research The first task of the research team is to prepare for the data collection process: Filing systems and relational databases are developed as needed.

Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design The core of all iData research reports is primary market research. Interviews with industry insiders represent the single most reliable way to obtain accurate, current data about market conditions, trends, threats and opportunities.

Step 4: Performing Primary Research At this stage, interviews are performed using contacts and information acquired in the secondary research phase.

Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates Following the completion of the primary research phase, the collected information must be synthesized into an accurate view of the market status. The most important question is the current state of the market.

Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis iData Research uses a proprietary method to combine statistical data and opinions of industry experts to forecast future market values.

Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities iData analysts identify in broad terms why some companies are gaining or losing share within a given market segment.

Step 8: Final Review and Market Release An integral part of the iData research methodology is a built-in philosophy of quality control and continuing improvement is integral to the iData philosophy.

Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring iData philosophy of continuous improvement requires that reports and consulting projects be monitored after release for customer feedback and market accuracy.

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