Preferred Dental Technologies is the First Dental Implant Company to 3D Print Solid Custom Abutments for Dental Implants

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Preferred Dental Technologies, recently announced that they are the first dental implant company to 3D print solid custom abutments for dental implants. In defining the parameters of milling custom dental abutments, the company determined the same platform can be used successfully in 3D printing.

This has been validated with initial prototypes printed with high precision plastics and further printed in castable wax as well as direct to metal. In a test run of prototypes, 12 custom angled abutments were 3D printed within 27 minutes. This compares very favorably to the standard milling of a single custom abutment which typically takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Erik Siegmund, CEO, stated: “The importance of this revolutionary breakthrough is not limited to the huge savings in time offered by 3D printing technology, but more importantly results in decreased production costs of individual abutments. Custom abutments can now be prototyped and manufactured in house with minimal capital cost.”

The company has already build a reputation for technology breakthroughs in the dental implant industry through the development of its Evolutionary Accessory Series, or “EAS”, a unique 4-part dental implant mounting system. The short animation in the attached video describes the EAS system.

Currently, competitors provide a fixed angle abutment, a custom abutment or a milled abutment, which are 3 distinct and different products to create a single dental abutment.

Traditional casting of the EAS takes two to two and a half hours, depending on the technician’s skillset, and a UCLA style custom abutment takes the better part of a day to complete one unit.

With a growing number of dental labs using 3D printing technology to create their own bridges, overdenture bars, models and crowns, Preferred Dental’s solution can be seamlessly integrated and adopted in their daily routine, using an economical in house 3D printer.

This eliminates sending out cases for manufacturing, which allows technicians to maintain case control while improving their operating margins. There will no longer be a need to pay someone else to do what you can do in your own office.

Rodrigo França D.D.S., M.Sc., PH.D., advisor to the company, stated: “The unique features of the EAS System like control over angulation, easy screw retention and perfect parallelism make this system a game-changer for solving complex cases. The 3D printed prototypes of EAS System is an elegant and avant-garde solution to provide better care to patients.”

The company is also reviewing other opportunities to increase shareholder value.

The company, which began trading on the CSE on June 14, 2017, is trading at $0.08 and with 61.8 million shares outstanding, the company is capitalized at $4.9 million.

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