Pacira Pharmaceuticals and TELA Bio Announce Equity Agreement

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Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently announced that it has committed to invest up to $25 million in TELA Bio, a privately-held surgical reconstruction company that markets its proprietary OviTex™ portfolio of products for ventral hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction.

TELA Bio’s OviTex Reinforced BioScaffold (RBS) products are a distinct class of surgical implants that integrate biologic and synthetic materials in a unique embroidered construction that allows free movement of fluid and cells through the construct. OviTex RBS products have been used in over 1,000 implantations across a wide range of hernia patients using a variety of surgical techniques. Surgeons report ease of placement, permeability and handling properties, such as suppleness and conformity to the surgical site, as key benefits. TELA Bio has exclusive commercial rights to OviTex for hernia repair and abdominal wall and breast reconstruction procedures in the U.S. and European markets.

“We are thrilled with this Pacira investment given its complementary commercial experience and success in driving innovation within the surgical community,” said Antony Koblish, president and chief executive officer of TELA Bio. “This investment will provide us with additional resources to scale-up our clinical and commercial efforts for hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction. We also look forward to developing new OviTex products purposely designed for additional soft tissue procedures such as breast reconstruction.”

“We believe the OviTex platform is a highly innovative and differentiated solution that is positioned to emerge as a leading surgical mesh that synergistically blends the strength of a synthetic with the regenerative properties of a biologic,” said Dave Stack, chairman and chief executive officer of Pacira Pharmaceuticals. “Given the strong commercial overlap in soft tissue procedures between our two organizations, we look forward to identifying ways to further collaborate with TELA Bio over time.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Pacira will make an initial investment of $15 million with the potential for an additional investment of up to $10 million under certain performance scenarios. Pacira is entitled to one seat on the TELA Bio Board of Directors. The agreement also includes a standstill provision precluding a change of control in TELA Bio for at least 12 months. RBC Capital Markets LLC acted as financial advisor to Pacira in connection with the transaction.

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