Osso VR Partnering with MicroPort Orthopedics to Provide VR Training Module for Hip and Knee System

Medical students can now train in two orthopedic surgery techniques provided by MicroPort, using Osso VR’s virtual training. Photo courtesy of Osso VR.

Osso VR has been providing a virtual surgical training platform to provide an education to medical students who are currently unable to receive in-person training due to COVID-19. They have recently partnered with MicroPort Orthopedics, to provide students with an opportunity to take part in VR training of the surgical techniques used by MicroPort.

The SuperPATH System

MicroPort is responsible for a unique hip replacement technique, SuperPATH. This technique uses a different entry approach than other methods, and because of this, it does not require any muscles or tendons to be cut. This allows patients to recover more quickly, and it reduces the likelihood of complications. One clinical study on the SuperPATH showed that patients receiving a hip replacement using this technique were discharged home more often, and had lower hospital readmission rates than those who underwent a different method of hip replacement.

The Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System

MicroPort is also responsible for the Evolution Medial-Pivot Knee System. This system has been used in over 600 thousand cases internationally. It is designed to eliminate problems commonly experienced with other knee replacement surgeries, such as instability, limited functioning, and anterior knee pain. Two clinical studies have found positive outcome results associated with this technique. One study found that when compared to more traditional knee replacements, patients were more satisfied with the contemporary MicroPort Evolution system. In the other study, participants reported 95% patient satisfaction and had 98.8% survivorship at 17 years.

Osso VR’s program allows surgeons to train with the SuperPATH and Evolution procedures, as well as assess themselves on their learning and proceed at their own pace with the training. It provides haptic-enhanced interactions, creating more immersion for the user and a more realistic environment.

Joseph Assini, MD, at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colorado said:

“In cases where MicroPort’s Evolution® Medial-Pivot Knee System is used, I’ve found that patients return of range of motion is much faster, and vastly improved. They’re out of the hospital sooner, their pain is managed and they are able to get back to the activities they enjoy at a much faster rate.”

Orthopedic Device Market

Surgical simulations can reduce the risk of the surgeons contracting COVID-19, and it can also reduce the resources required for surgical training. VR can provide a valuable learning experience while removing the need to always be working with physical subjects. This technology, along with the growing usage of VR, will likely have an impact on the future of orthopedic devices.

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Via: OrthoSpine News, PubMed

iData ResearchOsso VR Partnering with MicroPort Orthopedics to Provide VR Training Module for Hip and Knee System

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