OMNIlife science™, Inc. Announces First Clinical Evaluations of Revolutionary OMNIBotics® Active Spacer Robotic Tissue Balancing Device for Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement

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OMNIlife science, Inc. recently announced that they have begun clinical evaluations of their exclusive OMNIBotics Active Spacer robotic tissue balancing device at three U.S. sites. This technology received 510(k) clearance from the FDA on September 1, 2017.

The OMNIBotics Active Spacer, in clinical use since March in Australia, provides the surgeon with a quantitative tool to actively manage the soft tissue envelope with dynamic real-time feedback. When combined with the accuracy of alignment and bone cuts provided by the OMNIBotics system, the result is a completely customized procedure from both a skeletal and a soft tissue perspective.

“I believe that the active spacer technology is the tool we have been looking for to create even better predictability and reproducibility for knee replacement surgery,” said Jeffrey M. Lawrence, M.D. Viroqua, WI. “I’m very excited to offer this system to my patients.”

Of his early experience, John M. Keggi, MD, Middlebury, CT said, “The active spacer technology is a great step forward that brings the most advanced measurement and analysis tools directly to each patient and surgeon right in the operating room. It’s an unprecedented, real-time evaluation of the knee that optimizes each step of the procedure.”

Studies indicate that a significant percentage of knee replacement patients do not achieve full satisfaction even with well-placed implants. One potential contributing factor is sub-optimal soft tissue balancing.

“The active spacer is an amazing new technology for knee replacement. It actually shows your surgeon, in real time, how tight or loose your knee is on each side as it bends. This information is then fed into a robot, which plans how your knee is replaced on an individual basis for optimum results,” said Amber Randall, MD an orthopedic surgeon in Arizona.

OMNI, a pioneer in robotic-assisted total knee replacement, now offers the only robotic technology that quantitatively drives the total knee replacement surgical procedure with both alignment and ligament balancing. Dr. Randall continues, “I believe that this revolutionary, never before seen technology will get us not one–but several–steps closer to the Holy Grail of knee replacement: the freely moving, perfectly stable and pain free knee.”

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