NuVasive Launches AttraX Scaffold Bone Graft

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San Diego, California-based NuVasive, Inc. has announced the U.S. launch of AttraX Scaffold, the company’s absorbent ceramic-collagen bone graft with an optimized surface.

According to the company, “Unlike traditional ceramic materials that do not by themselves generate bone formation when implanted in an intramuscular site, AttraX Scaffold has unique microstructure and microporosity that are optimized for bone formation in this environment. The AttraX surface technology, through its carefully defined and tightly controlled features at the submicron scale, drives the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into bone-forming osteoblasts without added growth factors.”

“Available in strips, blocks and morsels, AttraX Scaffold can be used in the posterolateral spine to promote fusion. AttraX Scaffold complements the currently marketed AttraX Putty product line to offer spine surgeons a suite of surface-optimized ceramic graft materials to meet surgical needs. During preclinical testing in posterolateral fusion (PLF) models, AttraX fusion rates were equivalent to or better than autograft, and faster than traditional ceramic grafts. In addition, spinal segments fused with AttraX had greater biomechanical strength than segments treated with ACTIFUSE ABX or Vitoss BA in a rabbit PLF model.”

Matt Link, executive vice president, strategy, technology and corporate development told OTW, “When developing a new biologic offering like AttraX Scaffold, so many of the details and performance indicators come out when the material is tested in vivo. For example, how it interacts with the body’s cells and tissues to form new bone is critical to its overall performance. The team was impressed and excited by how well AttraX Scaffold performed in preclinical testing, showing both increased bone formation and faster fusion compared to traditional ceramic materials.”

“We are delivering the only advanced bone grafting material for spine surgery that combines an absorbent collagen matrix for excellent intraoperative handling and a ceramic with optimized surface technology shown to promote bone growth without added growth factors.”


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