Neocis’ Robotic System Performed Over 1,000 Dental Implants

Neocis' Robotic System Performed Over 1,000 Dental Implants
Image courtesy of Neocis

Neocis‘ Yomi, the first robotic system for dental implants, has successfully performed over 1,000 dental implants throughout 2019.

While millions of robotic-assisted surgeries have aided surgeons from various medical industries, Neocis’ Yomi is the first and only FDA cleared robotic navigation system for the dental industry.

Yomi provides real-time, multi-sensory guidance and navigation for dental implant surgeons. The system is designed to be used throughout the pre and intra-operative phases, aiding the surgeon with drill positioning, angulation, and depth to place. Yomi is designed to be easily integrated into standard practice by providing assistive feedback to surgeons without limiting their control over the surgery.

” We’ve been able to use Yomi for many cases thanks to a quick learning curve. The system has been easy to incorporate into our practice. We see this clearly establishing a new standard of care for implant patients.” “

 – Dr. Joe Griffin, dentist at Cornerstone Dental Arts

iData’s recent analysis of the dental implants market revealed the U.S. dental implant and final abutment market to be valued at approximately $1.1 billion in 2018. The market value is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.1%, to reach over $1.5 billion by 2025. Driving the market growth for dental implants and final abutments is the rising number of dentists trained to place implant restorations in patients suffering from tooth loss. Implantology is being implemented into the dental education of general practitioners (GPs) at an increasing rate, creating growth across all market segments. The growing number of treatment professionals are combining with expanding marketing efforts increased consumer awareness.


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To get in an in-depth global market analysis including interviews, procedural volumes, and forecasts, refer to iData Research’s 4,503 page report titled Dental Implants Market Analysis, Size, Trends | Global | 2019-2025 | MedSuite

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