Lungpacer Medical Gains FDA Approval for Diaphragm Pacer

Diaphragm Pacing Therapy System developed by Lungpacer
This diaphragm pacer therapy system has been given emergency authorization of use by the FDA to support COVID-19 patients

Vancouver-based company Lungpacer Medical has developed a single-use multi-electrode stimulating catheter that is inserted into the left subclavicle vein. It is used to stimulate the left and right phrenic nerves, providing support to the functioning of the diaphragm in patients who have respiratory issues. The device is paired with an external, reusable control unit to administer the delivery of the electrical charges.

Patients that are connected to ventilators for prolonged periods of time are more at risk of complications from ventilator use, such as diaphragmatic dysfunction, and atrophy of the diaphragm muscle. These complications place patients at risk when they are weaned off of ventilator use. COVID-19 infection has led to higher rates of prolonged usage of ventilators, leading to a need for new strategies to improve weaning off of ventilation. The Diaphragm Pacer Therapy (DPT) system from Lungpacer electrically stimulates the diaphragm to support the respiratory system of patients who have suffered from complications of ventilator use. This reduces their symptoms of diaphragmatic complications, and it allows for safer weaning off of ventilators.

The FDA has now stated that “the Lungpacer DPTS may be effective at treating patients during COVID-19 by helping wean patients off ventilators in healthcare settings, thereby reducing their risks of prolonged mechanical ventilation and increasing the availability of ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic.” As a result, they have approved the emergency use authorization of the Lungpacer DPT system.

Doug Evans, the CEO of Lungpacer, expressed the potential importance of this device, stating that “this amazing honor provides a unique opportunity to help improve outcomes for many patients affected by this global health crisis.”

Via: Lungpacer, Medgadget

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