Revolutionizing Glaucoma Treatment: iDose TR Receives FDA Approval for Groundbreaking Micro-Invasive Therapy

iDose TR Receives FDA Approval

In a groundbreaking development for glaucoma patients, Glaukos Corporation, a leading ophthalmic medical technology and pharmaceutical company, has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its revolutionary iDose TR (travoprost intracameral implant) 75 mcg. This micro-invasive, injectable treatment marks a significant leap forward in interventional glaucoma therapy, providing a proactive, safe, effective, and durable solution for patients across the entire spectrum of glaucoma disease severity.

The Journey to Approval

The approval comes after an extensive Phase 3 clinical program, involving two pivotal studies that randomized 1,150 subjects across 89 clinical sites. Glaukos Corporation’s commitment to innovation and patient care has culminated in the realization of a vision conceived nearly 15 years ago. The FDA’s green light for iDose TR paves the way for a transformative era in glaucoma treatment.

Understanding iDose TR

iDose TR represents a first-of-its-kind intracameral procedural pharmaceutical therapy designed to continuously deliver therapeutic levels of a proprietary formulation of travoprost within the eye for extended periods. This micro-invasive approach aims to overcome the challenges of patient non-compliance and chronic side effects associated with traditional topical glaucoma medications.

Clinical Efficacy and Safety

The FDA approval is based on robust Phase 3 data from trials (GC-010 and GC-012), comparing iDose TR with topical timolol ophthalmic solution, 0.5% BID, in reducing intraocular pressure (IOP). Results demonstrate non-inferiority to timolol ophthalmic solution in IOP reduction during the first 3 months. iDose TR also exhibited a favorable safety profile, with 81% of subjects completely free of IOP-lowering topical medications at 12 months. Notably, the slow-release iDose TR model demonstrated excellent tolerability and subject retention.

Addressing Challenges of Traditional Treatment

iDose TR is set to revolutionize glaucoma treatment by offering a viable alternative to traditional topical drops, which often pose challenges such as discomfort, adherence issues, complex dosing regimens, and difficulties in self-administration. The clinical data suggest that iDose TR is not only effective but has the potential to provide sustained relief for an extended period, alleviating patients from the burdens associated with prescription eye drops.

The Path Forward

Glaukos Corporation is poised to launch iDose TR commercially in the latter part of the first quarter of 2024, with a wholesale acquisition cost of $13,950 per dose. Alongside this significant milestone, the company introduces the iDose Your Dose Initiative, pledging to make an equal number of iDose TR units available for qualifying charitable donation requests worldwide.


The approval of iDose TR marks a pivotal moment in the field of ophthalmology, offering hope to millions affected by open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Glaukos Corporation’s commitment to advancing the standard of care is evident in this groundbreaking innovation. As we step into a new era of glaucoma treatment, iDose TR stands as a beacon of progress, providing a safer, more effective, and patient-friendly alternative to traditional approaches.

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