iData Breast Imaging Market News: GE Healthcare / Hologic New Products Pristina Dueta / CorLumina FDA Approval and Availability

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GE Healthcare Launches First-Ever Mammography System that Allows Patients to Control their Compression by Remote Control

GE Healthcare announced today FDA 510(k) clearance of an industry-first, patient-assisted mammography device that literally puts women in control of their mammograms. Senographe Pristina Dueta is an innovative remote control that allows women to manage their own compression during the exam performed on the company’s new mammography system, Senographe Pristina*.

“Mammograms can be uncomfortable or even painful,” said Agnes Berzsenyi, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Women’s Health. “Engineered by a team of women for women, GE Healthcare has transformed mammography with the creation of patient-assisted compression to decrease pain associated with the exam, improve patient experience and increase outcomes for breast cancer screening which we know saves lives.”

In traditional mammography, the technologist performing the exam compresses the patient’s breast, often causing discomfort. Patient-assisted compression allows women to control the application of compression to minimize the perceived pain and discomfort often associated with a mammogram. After the breast is properly positioned by the technologist, the patient can use a handheld wireless remote control to command Senographe Pristina to adjust the compression paddle based on the patient’s comfort level.


Hologic Announces Availability of New Brevera Breast Biopsy System with CorLumina Imaging Technology

Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX) today announced U.S. commercial availability of the Brevera® breast biopsy system with CorLumina® imaging technology, a groundbreaking real-time breast biopsy and verification system that enhances workflow, improves the patient experience and streamlines the entire biopsy process from start to finish. The first-of-its-kind Brevera system is designed to increase biopsy accuracy with real-time imaging that delivers valuable information at the point of care, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions with confidence.

“We’re proud to launch the Brevera system, a major breakthrough for radiologists who, for the first time, will be able to image and verify tissue samples in real-time in the procedure room,” said Pete Valenti, Hologic’s Division President, Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions. “The Brevera system provides clinicians with more information at the point of care and women with a vastly improved experience, resulting in significant cost and time savings without compromising accuracy or patient health outcomes. The system transforms the stereotactic breast biopsy procedure as we know it, and serves as further proof of Hologic’s commitment to better serve the needs of our customers and their patients.”

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