Shoulder Innovations’ New InSet 95 Humeral Stem – A Game-Changer in Shoulder Reconstruction

InSet™ Humeral Stem – Bone Preservation. Retrieved from Shoulder Innovations

Shoulder Innovations has recently launched its latest innovation in shoulder reconstruction technology: the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem. This new product aims to elevate the standard of care in shoulder replacement surgeries with its advanced design and features.

Shoulder Innovations, a renowned leader in the shoulder replacement market, is once again setting the benchmark with the introduction of the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem. This product launch marks a significant advancement in shoulder arthroplasty, promising enhanced outcomes for patients and simplified procedures for surgeons.

Key Features and Benefits

The InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem stands out due to its unique design, which includes proprietary curved fins that maximize rotational stability and a titanium alloy construction for robust, long-term stability. The stem is available in multiple sizes to cater to the anatomical needs of different patients, and its porous coating facilitates bony ingrowth, ensuring a secure fit over time​​​​.

One of the most remarkable features of the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem is its convertibility. This design allows for a seamless transition from an Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA) to a Reverse TSA without the need to remove the initial implant. This flexibility not only simplifies revision surgeries but also reduces patient risk and surgical time​​.

Aligning with Market Trends

According to the latest data from iData Research, the global shoulder reconstruction devices market is projected to experience substantial growth. Innovations like the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem are driving this market expansion by addressing the common challenges associated with shoulder replacement surgeries. The increased stability, bone preservation, and ease of surgical technique offered by this new product align perfectly with the market’s demand for more efficient and effective shoulder reconstruction solutions​​​​.

Simplifying Surgical Procedures

Shoulder Innovations has focused on simplifying the surgical process with the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem. All necessary instrumentation for implanting the system is contained within a single tray, which reduces both costs and logistical complexities for healthcare providers. This streamlined approach not only benefits surgeons by making the procedure more straightforward but also enhances patient outcomes by minimizing the potential for complications​​.


The launch of the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem by Shoulder Innovations is a significant step forward in shoulder arthroplasty. By addressing key issues such as implant stability, bone preservation, and surgical efficiency, this product is poised to set a new standard in shoulder reconstruction. As the global shoulder reconstruction devices market continues to grow, innovations like these will be crucial in meeting the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers alike.

For more detailed information on the shoulder reconstruction market trends, you can visit iData Research. To learn more about the InSet™ 95 Humeral Stem, visit Shoulder Innovations.


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