Highlights from AAOS 2024: CytexOrtho, Triathlon Hinge, CartiHeal Agili-C, and more

AAOS 2024

The 2024 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) meeting held in San Francisco was undeniably a standout event, particularly given the heightened anticipation following the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and exhibitors alike were brimming with energy and enthusiasm as they convened to explore the future of orthopedics. Amidst the vast expanse of the 87-acre Moscone Convention Center, we honed in on four companies that showcased innovative offerings which piqued our interest.


This year, a new addition to the event was OrthoPitch, a competition challenging companies to showcase novel products and solutions. Among the participants, CytexOrtho emerged victorious, clinching the top spot out of over 40 applicants. Their triumph stemmed from their presentation of innovative cartilage resurfacing technology—a 3D woven and printed implant designed to mimic cartilage and seamlessly integrate into the bone. Recognizing an underserved market in osteoarthritis patients, particularly those aged 18-64, CytexOrtho’s solution offers a promising avenue for enhanced patient outcomes and a swift return to normalcy.


Arthrex captivated attendees with an expansive booth showcasing a myriad of orthopedic offerings. Of notable interest were their Orthobiologics highlights for 2024, featuring advanced PRP solutions such as the ACP Max PRP System boasting over a 97% reduction in neutrophils. Additionally, offerings like the Quadlink pre-suture construct and BoneSync injectable calcium phosphate cement underscored Arthrex’s commitment to innovation and addressing clinical needs across various orthopedic procedures.


The debut of Stryker’s Triathlon Hinge at AAOS 2024 generated considerable excitement, marking a significant advancement in knee revision surgery. With a focus on simplifying workflows and addressing challenges related to bone loss or soft tissue issues, the Triathlon Hinge exemplifies Stryker’s dedication to surgical excellence and ongoing innovation in orthopedic care.

Smith + Nephew

Smith + Nephew unveiled two groundbreaking products at AAOS 2024—CartiHeal Agili-C and Regeneten Bioinductive Implant—both augmenting their esteemed Sports Medicine portfolio. The CartiHeal Agili-C implant offers a promising solution for osteochondral lesions without the need for donor tissue, demonstrating superior pain reduction compared to existing standards of care. Similarly, the Regeneten Bioinductive Implant presents a paradigm shift in Achilles injury treatment, further solidifying Smith + Nephew’s position as a leader in orthopedic innovation.

In Summary

In conclusion, the 2024 AAOS meeting showcased a convergence of cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking innovations, and unwavering commitment to advancing orthopedic care. As the industry continues to evolve, these developments underscore the transformative potential of collaboration between industry leaders, surgeons, and researchers in shaping the future of orthopedics.

AAOS 2024 Orthopedic Surgeon Survey

Every year our iData team conducts an in-person survey of orthopedic surgeons attending at the show. We ask a variety of questions on different orthopedic topics often related to product preferences, and decision factors when choosing products.

To learn about this orthopedic surgeon survey collected at AAOS 2024, and to see surgeons preferences towards robotic-assisted surgery and 3D-printing, contact one of our product consultants to receive a sample.

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