Hammertoe Devices and Implants: Top Brands in the U.S. Market

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Smart Toe (Stryker) - Hammertoe treatment market

Striker’s Smart Toe® Implant


Hammertoe is a toe deformity where one or both of the joints, excluding the big toe, are bent abnormally due to a contracture. This places pressure on the toe when the feet are shoed. This may create foot corns around or between the toes and calluses, which are usually found on the ball of the foot. Hammertoes can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, genetics, and/or arthritis. It can also lead to many different forefoot deformities.

iData Research recently completed a detailed SKU-level analysis on the U.S. market for devices used to treat hammertoe. The analysis is segmented by company brand and type (allograft, kit, implant, rod, screw), length, width, height, and size. Based on the data, the market declined 40-50% in Q2’20 over the previous quarter. Overall, more than 75% of the SKUs analyzed had a negative impact on sales revenue, clearly showing the impact of COVID-19 in this market.

However, in Q1 2021 the outlook is even better than before with both revenue and units sold signalling a strong recovery and the best Q1 of the last 3 years. A deeper analysis of the number of units sold demonstrates some interesting ups and downs in market share by different types of devices.

Most popular brands of hammertoe implants in the U.S. market

(based on the number of units sold in the first quarter of 2021)

  1. Smart Toe (Stryker)

  2. Phalinx (Stryker)

  3. HammerTube (Paragon 28)

Surgeons can also use screws in some hammertoe procedures. Arthrex is the company behind the most sold screws used in hammertoe correction surgeries: the Compression FT Screw System.

Additionally, allografts, kits, and rods are the other types of devices analyzed. The number of units sold in Q1 2021 shows a very close competition among three brands: HammerFix from Extremity Medical, InterPhlex from OsteoMed and Hat-Trick Pip from Smith & Nephew.

The U.S. hammertoe market is showing interesting signs of recovery after the negative impact of the pandemic. As the top companies continue to innovate and the smaller value-based companies increase their presence and popularity, the market displays an interesting share dynamic.

iData Research conveyed a detailed analysis covering 266 products organized by SKU, their brands and manufacturers, to develop insights on prices, units sold, and market shares. The results of this analysis are available through our exclusive MedSKU solutions.

The MedSKU solution allows us to: quantify the impact of COVID-19 on the market, understand the market response to new product launches and determine the most popular product configurations (brands, dimensions, materials, etc.). And answer specific questions like:

– How have new entrants fared in recent quarters?

– Are sales trends differing between implants, screws, rods, and kits?

– Do differences in implant sizes (length, width, height) affect revenue trends?

– Has the market recovered from COVID-19? Are any competitors falling behind due to the pandemic?


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Antonio ColletHammertoe Devices and Implants: Top Brands in the U.S. Market