Halyard Health Introduces Five New COOLIEF Multi-Cooled RF Kits

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Halyard Health, a medical technology company focused on eliminating pain, speeding recovery and preventing infection, today announced the introduction of five new COOLIEF* Multi-Cooled RF Kits for use in performing COOLIEF Cooled Radiofrequency (RF) treatments. The new kits expand upon the four existing COOLIEF Multi-Cooled RF Kits by offering different component lengths and active tip sizes to treat additional modalities with their multi-probe kits. These kits allow physicians to ablate up to three nerves at once, saving time and the inconvenience of having to open multiple kits and components.

The new COOLIEF Multi-Cooled RF Kits have been developed to target nerves within the spine and knee. Each kit is equipped with all the components necessary to conduct a multi-probe COOLIEF Cooled RF treatment including the new COOLIEF* Fluid Delivery Introducer (FDI). The FDI enables fluids to be instilled through the port so that the physician can maintain probe placement and reduce instances of repositioning. The five new configurations of COOLIEF Multi-Cooled RF Kits include:

  • MCK2-17-50-2 (Cervical): 2 Probes, 4 Introducers, 2 Tube Kits
  • MCK2-17-50-4 (Knee): 2 Probes, 4 Introducers, 2 Tube Kits
  • MCK2-17-75-2 (Cervical): 2 Probes, 4 Introducers, 2 Tube Kits
  • MCK2-17-75-5.5 (Thoracic): 2 Probes, 4 Introducers, 2 Tube Kits
  • MCK3-17-50-4 (Knee): 3 Probes, 6 Introducers, 2 Tube Kits

“The addition of these five new multi-probe kits more than doubles the number of COOLIEF Multi-Cooled RF Kits available to pain physicians,” said Phil Cranmer, associate marketing director, Interventional Pain Management, Halyard Health. “Rather than having to piece together multiple kits and components, the COOLIEF Multi-Cooled RF Kit provides everything they need to perform multiple lesions simultaneously in one cost-effective package based on the type of procedure required.”

COOLIEF Cooled RF is the first and only treatment to receive clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the relief of chronic moderate to severe knee pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA). COOLIEF Cooled RF is a minimally-invasive and non-surgical outpatient procedure to target and treat the nerves causing chronic pain. This advanced thermal radiofrequency pain management system uses water-cooled technology to safely deactivate pain-causing sensory nerves. COOLIEF Cooled RF has been shown to provide up to 24 months of pain relief, improved physical functionality, and reduced drug utilization.

To learn more about COOLIEF Cooled RF, please visit http://www.halyardhealth.com/chronicpain.

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