Glidewell Dental Launches ZERAMEX XT Implant

ZERAMEX XT Implant Product Photo, Courtesy of Glidewell Dental

In a recent expansion of their dental implant products and services, Glidewell Dental released their ZERAMEX XT Implant. This latest offering was revealed at the 2019 Glidewell Dental Symposium. The implant is created to provide a one-to-one aesthetic and is 100% metal-free.

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Additionally, The ZERAMEX XT implant is also highly biocompatible and provides an expanded range of temporary and permanent restorative protocols. This is thanks to its unique platform-switched internal connection. The implant will be available in both a 4.2 mm and 5.5 mm diameter, and offers a high degree of restorative flexibility.

iData Research has found that dental implants are reputed to be the best aesthetic option for single-tooth replacement. The demand for aesthetic dentistry has increased the penetration rate for dental implants compared to conventional treatments, such as bridges. The latest offering from Glidewell Dental appeals to this audience by having a lifelike aesthetic, and because it is highly bio compatible, it has a potentially larger consumer reach in the dental implants market.

“The addition of ZERAMEX XT to our implant portfolio is part of our ongoing efforts to help dentists meet the varying needs of their patients,” explained Greg Minzenmayer, chief operating officer at Glidewell Dental. “The implant is a great, metal-free alternative for cases with high-aesthetic demands, and we consider it yet another simple, accessible solution for expanding implant services in the general practice.”

Implantologist, author and lecturer Dr. Paresh Patel says that “the ZERAMEX XT has proven ideal in cases where I need to maximize aesthetics in the anterior.” He further endorses that “with excellent soft-tissue response, a metal- and cement-free prosthetic connection, minimal biofilm accumulation and its ability to mask thin gingival biotype, the implant has become an indispensable part of my armamentarium.”


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