GE Healthcare and Nyansa Work Together to Form Strategic Alliance

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On June 10th 2019, GE Healthcare and Nyansa announced a strategic alliance, with the agreement that GE Healthcare will distribute and support the Nyansa Voyance AIOps platform for health care customers. This alliance offers an advanced analytics solution for professionals working in the biomed and IT industries.

The companies are connecting the GE CARESCAPE™ Network, a reputable and as close to real time as possible,  patient monitoring network, with Voyance AIOps, for optimized network and device performance control. This alliance ensures that GE Healthcare is the exclusive distributor of the Nyansa AIOps platform in health care facilities. GE Healthcare and Nyansa will work to collaborate on new product and technology network-optimization services during the partnership.

“The role of the health care CIO and BioMed is rapidly changing, requiring a new approach to integrating the latest device technology with IT infrastructure,” said Gerois Di Marco, General Manager with Clinical Care Solutions at GE Healthcare. “What the industry has lacked is visibility across biomed and IT disciplines to effectively manage performance and utilization of critical care assets at the scale required across wireless and wired networks.”

As healthcare continues to improve digitally, the industry-wide adoption needs efficient and accurate operational assurance using intelligent technologies to ensure optimal patient results, as well as effective systems.

According to a recent report from iData Research, despite market saturation in the anesthesia monitors and anesthesia delivery unit segments, there are some markets that are shifting dramatically, due to technological improvements. These shifts include the movement away from traditional nebulizers with compressors towards more technologically advanced, ultrasonic products, including vibrating mesh nebulizers. In oxygen therapy, there is a shift away from traditional oxygen cylinders towards more efficient and convenient portable oxygen concentrators, which are also being purchased as an additional oxygen therapy device for each patient. Overall, the anesthesia, respiratory and sleep management device market was valued at $4.4 billion in 2018. This is expected to increase over the forecast period to reach nearly $5.9 billion by 2025. GE and Nyansa’s strategic alliance is taking place in positive market conditions, as the market is expected to see growth.

“Our collaboration with GE Healthcare will remove roadblocks for CIOs and make them more responsive as they navigate the unique challenges of the health care digital transformation,” said Abe Ankumah, Co-Founder and CEO of Nyansa. “Our expertise in device and network performance, and AI-based analytics, is an ideal complement to the mission critical CARESCAPE platform, and further validates the value of our AIOps solution. Together we deliver a win for clinicians and patients as well as the business.”

“There is untapped potential in optimizing health care networks for all hospital needs, tying together clinicians, biomed devices, and the network infrastructure to deliver a better patient experience,” said Di Marco. “Clinicians get reliable real-time data access from anywhere, organizations can maximize the utilization of expensive critical assets, and incident response or troubleshooting is greatly simplified.”


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More on the anesthesia, respiratory, and sleep management devices market in the US can be found in a series of reports published by iData Research entitled the US Market Report Suite for Anesthesia, Respiratory, and Sleep Management Devices.

iData ResearchGE Healthcare and Nyansa Work Together to Form Strategic Alliance

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