First Augmented Reality Spinal Surgery Completed in U.S. with Augmedics XVision Spine System

First augmented reality spinal surgery using augmedics xvision spine.
This product by Augmedics uses CT scan data to provide an augmented reality image for surgeons. Image courtesy of Calcalistech.

Augmedics, a company based out of Chicago, gained FDA approval for the sale of its XVision Spine System in the U.S. in December 2019. Now, this technology has been used for its first spine surgery in the U.S.

Using the patient’s CT scan data, the XVision Spine System provides a 3-dimensional visualization of the patient’s spinal anatomy during surgery. Using a near-eye headset, the image is then projected onto the surgeon’s eye. This headset display allows surgeons to use surgical instruments accurately without having to look away from the patients and refer to an image of their anatomy on a separate screen. This technology is intended to improve surgical outcomes by reducing distraction caused by surgeons having to look at remote screen displays.

Currently, few surgeons use surgical navigation systems regularly, and many do not use them at all. Although these systems lead to higher success rates, barriers to their widespread acceptance clearly remain. However, the XVision Spine System may encourage more surgeons to use surgical navigation systems, especially those who normally avoid these systems due to their requirement of looking at a remote screen away from the patient.

The CEO of Augmedics, Nissan Elimelech, expressed the potential this product has:

“This first case is just the beginning of a revolutionary change to the way surgery is performed by providing surgeons with more control, giving them the information they need, directly within their working field of sight, to instill technological confidence in the surgical workflow, and to help surgeons perform as safely and effectively as possible. We expect xvision will dramatically improve accuracy, safety, operating efficiencies and patient outcomes in an environment that increasingly can tolerate nothing less.”

Via: OrthoSpineNews

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