FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization for Respiratory Device

FDA emergency use authorization for respiratory device
The VentFree muscle stimulator is used to improve the outcomes of patients who are attached to mechanical ventilators. Image courtesy of Liberate Medical.

The spread of COVID-19 infections has vastly increased mechanical ventilator usage, and with this usage comes complications for patients. According to Liberate Medical, patients who spend more than four days in ventilation are susceptible to higher hospital mortality rates, and increased complications. Liberate Medical is now among the latest companies to develop a device to improve patient outcomes during ventilation usage, after creating the VentFree.

The VentFree respiratory muscle stimulator provides electrical stimulation to contract the abdominal muscles while patients are attached to mechanical ventilation. This device contracts the respiratory muscles simultaneously with exhalation to mimic the action of regular breathing. Because many of the complications due to ventilator use are related to disuse atrophy occurring in respiratory muscles, this device is intended to mitigate these complications by increasing muscular usage and reducing atrophy.

This device is non-invasive, and it hopes to reduce hospital mortality rates within patients, by reducing both muscular disuse atrophy and time spent attached to ventilators. Liberate Medical conducted a randomized control trial as a pilot study for the VentFree, with promising outcomes. Compared to the placebo group, patients who received stimulation from the VentFree spent less time connected to mechanical ventilation and spent less time in the ICU. On top of providing significant benefits to patients, the use of the VentFree could lead to savings for healthcare providers if patient stay length is reduced. This device has recently been granted emergency use authorization by the FDA, meaning that it will be available for use in US hospital settings.

Angus McLachlan, CEO of Liberate Medical, expressed the importance of this authorization: [custom_blockquote style=”blue”]  “We are delighted to have reached this milestone. We believe that the VentFree stimulator has the potential to meaningfully improve clinical outcomes in patients receiving mechanical ventilation.” [/custom_blockquote]

Via: Liberate Medical, Medgadget

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