FDA Clears BIOLASE Laser Crown and Veneer Removal

BIOLASE Waterlase iPlus Dental Laser Photo, Courtesy of BIOLASE

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As the only company with clearance in the United States and Canada, Biolase Waterlase dental laser will allow dentists to perform crown and veneer removals. Their dental laser technology will be able to perform this procedure in less than 5 minutes.

The time reduction in laser crown and veneer removal streamlines the procedure for dentists and creates a more pleasant experience for the patient. Furthermore, because the laser utilizes natural light, excess heat is removed which saves crowns and veneers for reuse.

Based on iData Research’s market findings, the demand for surgical lasers will remain on the rise due to increasing adoption rates led by wider acceptance and better education of dentists. However, the older generation of dentists tends to be conservative in their practice. In addition, dentists are often unwilling to invest a large sum of money into new technologies, especially with minimal research articles and publications verifying their effectiveness. As acceptance and education of dentists in the industry continues to grow, Biolases’ Waterlase dental laser can expect to positively contribute to the market.

BIOLASE CEO, Todd Norbe explains that “this new indication aligns directly with our mission of advancing dentistry.” He further explains that “with this clearance, we can now allow patients undergoing crown and veneer removal access to a minimally invasive option that encompasses all of the benefits dental lasers bring to a variety of other procedures, which includes spending less time in the dental chair.”

This minimally invasive dental procedure is one of many innovations that Biolase offers in the dental laser market.


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