Extremity Medical Announces the Release of the Omni Plating System

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Extremity Medical, LLC, a global extremity implant company, recently announced the release of its newest implant system, the Omni Plating System, which eliminates the risk of plantar gapping seen in other dorsal plates.

The Omni Plating System is designed to be used during “…a broad range of fusion procedures for the foot”. The system is integrated with the PlantarFiX Post, a new technology that produces a broader surface area of compression across the joint to be fused. Besides eliminating the risk of plantar gapping, this compression advantage in combination with the stability of the plate makes the fusion more effective, regardless of indication or patient bone quality.

“Now more than ever, Extremity Medical continues to expand our portfolio with innovative products that service the leading procedures for the foot and ankle surgeon,” Matt Lyons, president of Extremity Medical said.

“Our philosophy is to create fusion technology based on the biomechanical principles of delivering consistent compression across the joint. That philosophy is behind the new PlantarFiX Post technology, which has been developed to integrate throughout the Omni plates.”

He added, “We are committed to delivering exciting new technology to meet the needs of the foot and ankle surgeon and to provide highly differentiated products. This portfolio expansion continues to demonstrate the Company’s strategic efforts to deliver the most differentiated portfolio in the extremity market.”

“Extremity Medical, LLC, is an orthopedic device company specializing in the development of next generation systems addressing unmet needs for the extremity surgeon.” The company is based in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Source: http://www.extremitymedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/extremity_omni-plating-system-pr.pdf

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