Dentist Online Provides new Teledentistry Service for Canadians

This expansive collection of expertise allows for the platform to address a variety of dental needs online. This includes things such as chipped teeth, crown issues, and tooth or jaw pain.

The format of care used by this platform improves efficiency for health care providers. Reducing the number of patients that have face-to-face appointments lowers the necessary space and equipment in dental offices, reducing their operating costs. Additionally, saving time for dental practitioners may allow them to increase the number of daily appointments they provide.

Remote dental care also provides numerous benefits for patients. It may increase care accessibility for those who do not live near dental offices, and for those who have mobility impairments. The opportunity for online appointments will likely increase convenience for many patients, even in those who are able to seek out in-person care. Removing the need to travel to a physical location will reduce time patients spend on their appointments. This increased convenience may encourage more individuals to seek out care for minor dental issues.

Dentist Online is an even more important platform in the context of the ongoing pandemic. Reducing face-to-face appointments decreases the possibility of viral transmission from patients to professionals, and from patients to patients in the waiting room. Dental professionals may also save time through online appointments as much of their time working is currently spent sanitizing between patients.

Dr. Marangos, Dentist at Altima Coxwell Dental Centre said:

“Being part of this digital era in dentistry was a no-brainer. We want to make dental care accessible to all Canadians and increase the quality of care for patients while improving efficiency and lessening the burden on the already stretched health care system. In addition to being equipped with virtual dentistry tools and continuing education, we are part of an exceptional network of oral health providers who love to make a difference in dentistry. Pivoting through the pandemic and global changes, we have seen great success with innovations and managed to take care of patients away from physical locations.”

Via: Oral Health Group

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