Dental Imaging Combination X-Ray Units: The Driving Force for System Sales in Europe

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The market for dental imaging includes intraoral and extraoral X-ray systems and cone beam computed tomography. All dental offices use intraoral X-ray devices to capture X-ray images on film, photostimulable phosphor (PSP) plates or digital sensors. Other imaging devices that capture extraoral X-ray images include panoramic or panoramic/cephalometric X-ray devices.

In addition, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanners recreate three-dimensional X-ray models of a patient’s jaw bone and teeth. The prevailing trend within the imaging system market is the integration of digital capabilities for capturing and storing imaging data and the combination of two-dimensional X-ray machines with small and medium field-of-view CBCT scanners.

These combination units have become the driving force of the dental imaging market with high unit sales even in countries which have been struggling with the “Euro Zone Crisis”. Other market segments such as the intraoral and extraoral X-ray machines have experienced stable, yet low growth because the former is a replacement market and the latter is being taken over by the combination units described above. Since dental offices only need small field-of-view 3D imaging, merging them with panoramic/cephalometric 2D imaging systems fully meets the needs of dentists who are interested in multi-dimensional imaging. Therefore, these CBCT combo units will drive the market for dental imaging over the next several years, growing faster than any other segment.

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