Cynata’s Cymerus™ MSCs Effective in Preclinical Model of Diabetic Wounds


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Australian stem cell and regenerative medicine company Cynata Therapeutics Limited  is pleased to announce that it has received positive data demonstrating the efficacy of its Cymerus™ mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in a preclinical model of diabetic wounds (also known as diabetic ulcers). The studies were conducted independently by the Cooperative Research Centre for Cell Therapy Manufacturing (CTM CRC) and were designed to compare cells from various sources.

Key Highlights:

  • – Cymerus MSCs resulted in significantly faster wound healing than bone marrow-derived MSCs
  • – Discussions between Cynata and CTM CRC are underway regarding progressing Cymerus MSCs and CTM CRC’s wound-dressing technology – into a clinical trial in human patients with diabetic foot ulcers
  • – Diabetic wounds are prevalent among the 400m+ diabetics globally and a significant opportunity exists to improve existing treatments and meet a growing unmet medical need

CTM CRC, based in Adelaide, South Australia, is developing an active wound care dressing for the treatment of diabetic wounds. This novel dressing, for which a patent is pending, consists of a polymer-coated silicone dressing seeded with MSCs or similar cells.

Dr Leanna Read, CTM CRC’s Chair and CEO, said, “Rapid wound closure reduces the risk of infection and wound management costs, and improves health outcomes for patients. Our studies show that delivery of Cymerus MSCs via CTM CRC’s proprietary polymer-coated dressing can accelerate re-epithelialisation and wound closure when compared to the dressing alone or treatment with commercially produced bone marrow-derived MSCs. We need only a small number of MSCs to seed the dressing, so we expect that this product could be produced at a low cost and positioned very competitively against existing treatment options.”


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