Clinic Based Dialysis Market May Be Disrupted by New HemoCare Device

Kidney Model Photo, courtesy of Robina Weemeijer

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Utilizing an artificial kidney device to streamline dialysis for at home patients, HemoCare is an alternative to clinic-based treatment that may prove to be more effective and convenient. In a study involving 70 patients, CVS Health will begin testing their product before taking it to the FDA for approval. The HemoCare device provides safety features and is created with the purpose of making at home hemodialysis more streamlined for patients.

Alan Lotvin, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer of CVS Health has stated that they “have been working to fundamentally disrupt the kidney care market and rapidly innovate in an area that has stagnated for decades, and we applaud the administration for taking bold steps toward advancing kidney care as they are helping to rethink how to make kidney transplant and home dialysis mainstays of therapy.” Dr. Lotvin added that “CVS Kidney Care is uniquely positioned to help deliver on the core tenets of this new HHS initiative in a way that no one else can, and we look forward to working together to help transform the kidney treatment experience for millions of Americans.”

In a market study performed by iData Research, the dialysis market is being limited by falling prices and the resistance to transition to home dialysis. While all types of dialysis are still growing, the market share increase per new patient is the lowest for in-center hemodialysis. As more patients shift to alternative methods of treatment, CVS Health’s HemoCare device has potential to help drive an increase in home-based dialysis.

The HemoCare Hemodialysis System will be tested to measure both its safety and performance. The trial phase of the study will be performed in medical facilities where caregivers will receive training on the device for clinical study subjects. Once ready, they will gradually take care of clinical study subjects through home-based dialysis.


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