CorMatrix Cardiovascular CorPATCH FDA Cleared

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Heart photo, courtesy of Robina Weermeijer

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In developing extracellular matrix technology (ECM), CorMatrix has produced a new product into the US cardiac surgery market. The Cor PATCH is a device that has been created to aid cardiac surgeons in certain regions of repair that demand additional epicardial support of adult cardiac structures.

Patients suffering from myocardial infarction are those who will greatly benefit from this innovation as their atria, and the left and right ventricular walls have thinned or become damaged. The Cor PATCH’s design is to repair these areas where the tissue has died from a loss of blood flow as a result of myocardial infarction.

According to recent studies in the U.S. Cardiac Surgery and Heart Valve Device Market examined by iData Research, a major market limiter is the number of alternatives in each segment that compete with each other. Competition will drive down prices, limiting growth of the total market. This new product from CorMatrix may also drive down prices, further limiting market growth.

During a press release, Dr. Paul Fedak stated that the Cor PATCH “could be a game changer for patients undergoing surgical procedures aimed to increase the blood supply to damaged areas of their heart and that Cardiac Surgeons “can now directly target damaged muscle in addition to bypassing blocked vessels.”

The patch provides structural support needed for epicardial structures, but it also has minimal inflammatory reaction after it has been implanted. CEO Edgar Ray added that “The Cor PATCH is the first next-generation ECM product cleared by the FDA for epicardial tissue support and repair.”


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iData ResearchCorMatrix Cardiovascular CorPATCH FDA Cleared

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