CAO Group, Inc. and the University of Washington School of Dentistry Researchers Present the First-Ever Reversible Dental Cement

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Courtesy of Cao Group, Inc.

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On June 19-22 2019,  CAO Group, Inc. and University of Washington School of Dentistry researchers will introduce the first-of-it’s-kind reversible dental cement at the 2019 International Association for Dental Research Conference in Vancouver, B.C. Many clinicians have been anticipating this innovation, as there are many dental procedures that require cements, and the ability to bond and debond on command would significantly improve processes for clinicians and patients.

The research team at UW researchers tested the cement process using extracted teeth and orthodontic bands. The results of the trial were positive; the orthodontic bands can be easily removed, and there is an easy clean up for any residual cement, which does not damage the tooth or bands.

“CAO has spent more than a decade researching and developing a cement that can bond dental prosthetics with light curing and be easily debonded using a diode laser system,” said Dr. Densen Cao, CEO of CAO. “While the debonding process can be as quick as 10-20 seconds, the integrity of the prosthetics and preps are not compromised.”

“Reversible cement developed by CAO showed great promise for applications in restorative dentistry,” said Dr. Daniel Chan, chair of the UW’s Department of Restorative Dentistry. “The reversible cement can be used in many applications where cementation is needed. The prosthetics can be easily removed, and surfaces can be easily cleaned. It will facilitate and improve all clinical cementation procedures.”

In the latest suite of dental materials report released by iData Research, the overall U.S. dental materials market is valued at approximately $1.54 billion in 2019. This is expected to increase over the forecast period to exceed $1.8 billion. As more and more innovative products come into the market, they increase the demand for that segment. In the case of dental cements, self-adhesive, dual-cure, resin and RMGI materials are all developments that have influenced the increase in market value. This innovation would change the expectation of what a dental cement could and should do, and will significantly change the way dentists and orthodontists operate.

“The reversible cement could be considered for any of the cementation processes in orthodontics, including brackets, bands, fixed retainers, etc.,” said Dr. Greg Huang, chair of the UW’s Department of Orthodontics.


For Further Information

More on the dental materials market in the US can be found in a series of reports published by iData entitled the US Market Report Suite for Dental Materials.

iData ResearchCAO Group, Inc. and the University of Washington School of Dentistry Researchers Present the First-Ever Reversible Dental Cement

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