Biolase Appoints Sinclair Dental to be the Exclusive Distributor in the Canadian Market

Image courtesy of Biolase.

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Biolase has recently announced that they have signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Sinclair Dental for all of their products and services to be available in Canada. The agreement is effective immediately.

“We picked a great partner in Canada to expand our customer reach,” Todd Norbe, CEO of Biolase, said in a press release. “Together, we will increase the adoption of our unique laser technologies and improve the customer experience in Canada by utilizing Sinclair’s 170+ sales consultants, 190 certified technicians and 11 service centers.”

Biolase is currently developing laser systems in dentistry and medicine, including their 3D CAD/CAM intra-oral scanners and digital dentistry software. Sinclair Dental is a dental supply business located in Canada.

Market research on the dental lasers industry by iData Research reveals that dental surgical lasers especially all-tissue lasers, are quite expensive in relation to most other dental equipment purchases, but they compensate with their wide range of applications in both hard and soft tissue operations. They can be used for incisions, excisions, periodontal treatment and bone surgery. With all-tissue lasers, the switch from soft to hard tissue applications is as simple as a change in settings. Additionally, dental lasers provide greater patient comfort during painful and invasive procedures.

iData reports that Biolase dominated both the soft and all-tissue laser markets. Its two key strengths were its strong reputation as a reliable, high-end product and its ability to cater to a large audience through a diverse and innovative product line, offering solutions for any need and price point.

“It is an honor to be named the exclusive distributor of Biolase products in Canada,” Ali Nowtash, Sinclair Dental’s VP of marketing and purchasing, said. “We recognize Biolase as the premier dental laser company in the world. Biolase has changed the way dentistry is practiced globally, having made laser dentistry the standard of care by developing and delivering high-value clinical solutions to all of dentistry. We look forward to increasing the penetration of dental lasers in Canada by delivering high-quality, best-in-class laser-based solutions.”


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More on the dental laser market in the US can be found in a series of reports published by iData entitled the US Market Report Suite for Dental Lasers.

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