BioButton Mobile Device Tracks COVID-19 Symptoms for 30 Days

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The BioIntelliSense BioButton is used to track symptoms of COVID-19 remotely, and non-invasively. Image courtesy of Medgadget.

BioIntelliSense has created a multi-symptom tracking device called the BioButton to conveniently measure health metrics, as part of the ongoing efforts to track and control the spread of COVID-19. This non-invasive device allows data to be passively collected from individuals over a period of up to 30 days at a time. As restrictions begin to be lifted, and many employees start to return to work, this device may be an important development in the pursuit of keeping workplaces safe. Mobile COVID-19 symptom tracking will allow for data to be collected even while individuals are at work.

The BioButton is stuck on to the upper left chest, and from there, it is left for a period of up to 30 days. It tracks a multitude of health data, including resting heart rate, skin temperature, activity levels, sleep rate, respiratory rate, body position, and symptomatic events. This comprehensive symptom tracking is especially important because although many physical symptoms may be indicative of COVID-19, few have been concluded to be definitive indicators of the virus.

Individuals using this device will benefit from it as a result of its convenience, and it will promote a safer return to workplaces. As the data is collected continuously, the intention is that individuals will be able to recognize potential symptoms of COVID-19 sooner, and can then take the appropriate actions to protect themselves and those they are in contact with. The BioButton also provides benefits to researchers and healthcare providers, because the ability to remotely collect data allows them to reduce their own risk. Additionally, the longitudinal collection of data, as well as the wide variety of symptoms tracked, will hopefully aid researchers in gaining a better understanding of the virus over time. This device has the potential to help inform researchers of precursor symptoms of the virus, as well as its typical progressions once an individual has begun showing symptoms.

James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense spoke on the promising development of this device: [custom_blockquote style=”blue”]  “The introduction of the BioButton device, in combination with the BioMobile applications and enterprise triage dashboards, represents a significant advancement in making continuous medical-grade monitoring reliable, effortless and cost-effective. The convenience of the BioButton will support a range of clinical use cases for RPM reimbursement and mass market use to enable safe return to work or school.” [/custom_blockquote]

Via: BioIntelliSense, Medgadget

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iData ResearchBioButton Mobile Device Tracks COVID-19 Symptoms for 30 Days

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