Baxter Unveils the Latest Evolution of Floseal in the Wound Care Market

Image courtesy of Baxter.

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Baxter International Inc., a major global player in advancing surgical innovation, recently announced that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for faster preparation of its leading hemostatic product, Floseal Hemostatic Matrix. This new version of Floseal has 20% fewer components and steps to prepare, increasing the efficiency and convenience for operating room nurses to get Floseal ready for surgeons during medical procedures.

“We are focused on advancing the art of healing in the operating room with our innovative and dependable surgical products that address intraoperative bleeding,” said Wil Boren, president of Baxter’s Advanced Surgery business. “When creating the next generation of Floseal, we had OR nurses in mind. We listened to their feedback so that we could deliver on our promise of customer-inspired innovation.”

As Floseal has 20 years of experience and expertise in hemostasis and as it is a frequently chosen advanced hemostatic agent, Floseal has been proven to produce effective results over a range of bleeds in surgical procedures. Each Floseal kit invcludes a 13cm Malleable Applicator, which allows surgeons to maneuver the product into the most optimal position.

“I’ve spent my entire career involved with surgery in various capacities, and I’ve seen firsthand the importance that speed and precision play when it comes to preventing bleeding complications for patients,” said Mary Anne Sanford, BSN, RN, CNOR and senior manager, Global Medical Affairs at Baxter. “The latest design enhancements to Floseal make it easier and faster to prepare, enhancing the ability of perioperative nurses to focus their efforts to coordinate and support the surgical team’s activities throughout a procedure.”

In reference to research conducted by iData Research, there is considerable product innovation throughout the wound and tissue management market. Companies are attempting to create products that are easier for physicians to use, that fight infection and that take less time for wound closure. Although these products can be more expensive, less are needed during treatment, saving money for both patients and hospitals.
Recent innovation in the wound closure market include Zipline Medical’s Zip® Surgical Skin Closure System and Ethicon’s Dermabond® Prineo® mesh and cyanoacrylate-based skin closure system. These markets are growing significantly, driving the overall wound and tissue management market. Floseal’s FDA approval is in favourable market conditions as it enters the wound care market.


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