Baxter Canada Invests Over $26 Million in Alliston Facility Producing Life-Sustaining Intravenous and Dialysis Solutions

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Baxter Canada, a leading medical products company, today reaffirmed its commitment to its Alliston, Ontario facility by investing an additional $19 million into the plant over the next two years. This announcement follows Baxter’s $7.5 million-worth of investment in 2018, with a total investment of over $26 million. The funds will be used to ensure the Alliston facility continues to be compliant with Health Canada regulatory guidelines, and will contribute to the economic well-being of the region by helping to secure existing jobs while providing indirect employment in construction and other related fields in the short to medium term.

As the only large-scale Canadian manufacturer of IV fluids and peritoneal dialysis solutions, 98% of the products manufactured in Canada are for Canadian patients and healthcare professionals. This investment will also benefit Canada by supporting a more predictable and sustainable supply of products to Canadian hospitals and patients in the future.

“The Alliston facility is truly best in class, from our management system with continuous improvement at its core, to a culture of quality and safety,” said Baxter Canada President and General Manager, Stephen Thompson. “We reviewed our North American supply chain, and this highlighted the need to invest in our Alliston plant to ensure we continue to be an integral part of our operations worldwide. We want to be able to provide support whenever required to ensure the needs of our patients and service providers are continuously met.”

Baxter Canada’s Alliston facility continues to be a critical part of Baxter’s Americas manufacturing footprint and the $26 million investment will prepare the plant for FDA registration, allowing the facility to make an impact on a global scale when needed by meeting any future potential export and growth opportunities.

“I am thrilled to see our facility recognized as a vital part of the broader Baxter network,” said Alliston Plant Manager Elaine Copsey. “To see this continued investment in our facility is a testament to the high-quality work our employees deliver each day to ensure patients and healthcare professionals are getting the life-saving products they need.”


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