Align Technology to Introduce Two New iTero Scanners Featuring Greater Power and Portability

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Align Technology, Inc. expanded the iTero Element portfolio with the launch of the iTero Element 2 and the iTero Element Flex scanners. These additions build on the existing high precision, full-color imaging and fast scan times of the iTero Element portfolio. The next-generation iTero Element 2 is designed for greater performance with 2X faster start-up and 25 percent faster scan processing time compared to the iTero Element. The new iTero Element Flex is a wand-only device that transforms compatible laptop computers into a highly portable scanner that works anywhere – it’s ideal for practices with multiple locations who need a scanner that is convenient and easy to transport. The new scanners will be showcased at the 118th American Association of Orthodontics Annual Session in Washington D.C. which runs May 4 – 8.

“We’re excited to expand the iTero portfolio with two new advanced digital scanners that expand customers’ choices and provide them with the imaging precision, intuitive chairside visualization and patient communication tools that enable efficient workflows for a full range of case assessment and restorative and orthodontic treatment,” said Raphael Pascaud, Align Technology chief marketing, portfolio and business development officer and senior vice president, iTero scanner and services. “With iTero Element 2 and iTero Element Flex, we are building on a trusted platform with enhanced features and processing performance, new mobility options and greater portability designed to fit the needs of our customers’ practices and simplify their lives. Doctors can now choose the iTero Element scanner that is best for them with confidence knowing that each solution is going to deliver the precision, power, speed, and full-color imaging they’ve come to expect for their iTero-powered workflows.”

iTero Element 2: Next Generation Scanner with Enhanced Features

The new iTero Element 2 scanning system is equipped with next generation computing power that enables faster start-up and faster scan processing time. The iTero Element 2 provides improved screen resolution while minimizing scanner footprint due to its slim 21.5″ monitor and 16:9 widescreen viewing format. An integrated lithium-ion battery provides easy mobility from operatory to operatory without the need to plug in for power or reboot. The iTero Element 2 scanner is designed with an ergonomic, centered wand cradle for easy access.

“Ergonomics and processing power are key features of the new iTero Element 2,” said Dr. Jeff Chustckie, an Invisalign-trained general practice dentist in New Jersey who was part of the iTero Element 2 limited market release study. “Having the wand centrally located in front of the iTero Element 2 scanner is a great improvement that makes our scanning procedure easier. The iTero Element 2 is also faster at processing scans which makes the experience better for both our practice and our patients.”

iTero Element Flex: Wand-Only, Laptop Configuration Scanner

The new iTero Element Flex wand-only configuration is a portable scanner for easy transport from office to office, allowing doctors to leverage the power of chairside visualization coupled with iTero scanning precision in any location. Working seamlessly with compatible laptops, practitioners can now scan anywhere, even in the smallest of operatories. The iTero Element Flex includes a convenient, custom-designed carrying case.

“I’m excited about the new iTero Element Flex wand-only scanner configuration,” said Dr. Perry Jones, an Invisalign-trained general practitioner in Virginia, who was part of the iTero Element Flex scanner limited market release. “Having a sleek, portable scanner that fits nicely on a countertop will make it easier for me and my staff to offer all of patients in any office the benefits of digital scanning and visualization for Invisalign treatment as well as other restorative procedures.”


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