Acteon Launches X-Mind® Prime in the Dental Imaging Industry

X-Mind® Prime equipment, courtesy of Acteon

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Acteon has recently introduced X-Mind® Prime to their current 2-D and 3-D CBCT panoramic medical device line. This device combines innovative tech with accessible use and straightforward design. With the release of this medical unit, Acteon allows this high-tech device to be utilized for accurate diagnosis and full treatment planning options.

With this device, the medical practitioner can promptly and easily switch between modes by using a single sensor. Not only does this allow the scanning of 3-D objects, but it also offers an extensive range of panoramic and CBCT options. This enables all dental practitioners to offer 3-D imaging, thus increasing their medical applications.

The functionality of X-Mind Prime is improved when the device is equipped with Acteon Imaging Suite precision software. With this software, implant planning can now be streamlined with intuitive image handling, state-of-the-art tools, and customized reports. Patients can rest assured that their treatment is accurate, efficient, and reliable, as the device’s tools facilitate quick diagnosis and receptive treatment.

As the X-Mind Prime is compact and lightweight, it is possible to fit this piece of high-quality medical equipment in almost any office. Due to its wall-mounted system, this medical device can be adjusted to fit a multitude of office configurations.

As reported by iData Research, both intraoral and extraoral X-rays with digital technology are rapidly penetrating the market and replacing older analog systems. Digital technology provides dental practitioners with numerous technological and operational efficiencies when operating X-ray systems. With digital technology, dentists are able to immediately upload and manipulate X-ray images using imaging software. This ability enables dentists to observe enhanced images of the X-rays and make more accurate diagnoses. Likewise, dentists are able to save a greater amount of time between patients, thereby increasing patient turnover.

X-Mind® Prime exemplifies these benefits, as it is able to produce intuitive image processing, as well as 3-D printing and full treatment planning options due to Acteon’s specialized software. Furthermore, switching to digital technology helps to minimize the amount of radiation exposure to patients. Overall, the United States dental imaging device market was valued at $821.7 million in 2019. This is expected to increase over the forecast period to approach $849.1 million in 2022.


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