3D Systems’ Denture Material FDA cleared

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NextDent Denture 3D Product Photo, Courtesy of 3D Systems

In a recent press release, South Carolina-based 3D Systems announced the FDA clearance of its NextDent Denture 3D+ biocompatible denture material. This material is able to produce dentures that rival traditionally produced dentures. The result of this new technology from 3D Systems is that dentures can be produced 75% faster and at 10% of the cost of traditional methods.

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The final denture product aesthetic will match the patient’s gums, thanks to 3D Systems’ massive range of color palettes. The NextDent Denture 3D+ works side by side with their 5100 dental 3D printer to produce a more precise denture mold for the patient. Ultimately, patients can look forward to a better fitting device that will require less office visits.

Through in-depth research, iData has found that, unlike traditional model-making methods, rapid prototyping (3D printing) systems enhance production efficiency. Rapid prototyping allows lab technicians to produce models directly from digital files, such as those obtained through intraoral digital impression-taking systems. By completely digitizing and automating the process, inaccuracies are reduced, allowing for better restorations to be made. While this new technology from 3D Systems offers vast growth opportunities in the rapid prototyping systems segment of digital dentistry, this market is still in its early stages. Long-term observation will be needed to determine its rate of adoption and success.

“With 3D Systems’ Digital Denture Workflow, dental laboratories and clinics are now able to produce dental devices at dramatically increased speed while reducing material waste and capital equipment expenditure as well as reliance upon milling centers,” 3D Systems dental VP & GM Rik Jacobs said in a news release. “FDA clearance of NextDent Denture 3D+ is the last piece that creates a trusted end-to-end workflow – giving prosthodontists a competitive advantage while improving the patient experience.”

NextDent Denture 3D+ material is now a part of 3D Systems portfolio of 30 unique resins.


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iData Research3D Systems’ Denture Material FDA cleared