2017 US Dental Barrier Membrane Market Driven by Increased Use of Resorbable Membranes

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According to a recent report by iData Research, the overall market for barrier membranes, including both resorbable and non-resorbable versions, was valued at $133.6 million in 2016. This market’s value is expected to continue growing, demonstrating similar growth patterns in each of the resorbable and non-resorbable solutions. Nonetheless, market growth is threatened by increased competition. In the past, there was a rapid surge of private labeling which prompted many companies to enter the market for dental barrier membranes. Ultimately, the popularity of private labelling drove prices down through competitive pricing strategies. However, in the face of increased competition the market will still continue to grow with increases in the procedural volume of dental surgeries. The market will reach a value of nearly $200 million by 2023. The dental barrier membrane market will grow relatively parallel to the bone graft substitute market, but will also be impacted by changing prices and indirect competition from tissue engineering products.

The resorbable market maintained the clear majority due to its clear advantages despite its higher price point. The resorbable market is highly attractive in terms of its potential for revenues, therefore drawing in a number of competitors. Growth in unit sales will continue to push this market’s value forward, growing only slightly faster than non-resorbable materials. By 2023, resorbable barrier membrane sales are expected to generate $175.9 million.

The non-resorbable market is mainly dominated by Osteogenics. Despite attractive relative advantages of resorbables, the non-resorbable market continues to exhibit growth. Non-resorbable qualities are attractive in specific cases and attract a separate market of consumer preferences. In addition, they are appealing from their pricing standpoint. The lack of competition within this market allows for price increases to match increasing costs and inflation.

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