U.S. Dental Implant and Final Abutment Market to Reach $1.5 Billion by 2025 – New Study by iData Research

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia –(BUSINESS WIRE)–– According to the latest publication by iData Research, the United States dental implant and final abutment device market is currently valued at over $1.1 billion USD and is forecast to reach $1.5 billion by 2025. The total market is comprised of dental implants, final abutments, dental implant instrument kit, treatment planning software, and the surgical guide market segments.

The U.S. dental implant market is largely driven by general practitioner procedure growth. Post-graduate education training programs have been a major component in expanding the number of dental professionals who are certified to place implants. Furthermore, dental implants have earned the reputation of being the best aesthetic option for single-tooth replacement. While many implants are still used to retain dentures, single-tooth replacement is the fastest growing application for implants.

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The largest segment, holding approximately 63% of the total revenue, is the dental implant market. This market has yet to reach its potential, as only a small portion of those suffering tooth loss opt for a dental implant. However, the dental implant segment is growing due to the increasing elderly population, combined with the previously mentioned increase in availability. Moreover, value and discount solutions have demonstrated success in gaining market share, and have consequently lowered the overall market’s average selling price and limited growth.

“The final abutment market followed with the second-highest share at over one-quarter of the overall market”, explains Jeffrey Wong, Analyst Director at iData Research. “Despite downward price pressure, and the market entry of low-cost competitors offsetting gains in unit sales, patient demand will continue to push the market forward.”

Nobel Biocare is the leading competitor in the dental implant and final abutment market. The company’s leading position in the market is predominantly reflective of its success within dental implant fixtures, as Nobel Biocare mostly sells abutments to supplement their own implant fixtures.

Nobel Biocare is expected to maintain growth in their implant sales, partly due to the company’s entry into the dental regenerative industry, attracting consumers by offering xenograft and mineralized allograft products.

Straumann lined up as the second-leading player in the U.S. market. The company largely benefited from product lines in the dental implant fixture, final abutment and instrument kits markets, with a smaller position in surgical guides and treatment planning software markets.


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