Typenex Medical Brings Innovative Blood Irradiation Indicator to Market

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Typenex Medical, an industry leader in medical devices and supplies, recently announced it is bringing Rad-Control, a new irradiation indicator tag technology, to blood banks and blood centers in the United States and Canada. Typenex Medical has exclusively partnered with a European market leader, On Point Indicators GmbH, to offer the product to its customers. The product technology confirms blood irradiation by visual verification, minimizes current documentation practices and increases efficiency for healthcare staff.

“The irradiation indicator tag market has not seen innovation within the last decade. We are excited to launch Rad-Control, and breathe some life into this market,” said John Fife, owner, and chief executive officer (CEO), Typenex Medical. “With increasing pressures on healthcare facilities to do more with less, we are positioned to help improve workflows while providing compelling value.”

Rad-Control is used in hospitals and blood centers to ensure the blood component has been exposed to irradiation. The specially-formulated indicator technology in the tag changes color after exposure, acting as a visual verification. This practice has been common in ensuring blood components are irradiated, confirming that components have received irradiation, and helping to prevent multiple irradiation cycles. Properly irradiating blood helps to prevent life threatening Transfusion-Associated Graft-vs.-Host Disease (TA-GvHD).

Read more at the press release here: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/09/06/1108438/0/en/Typenex-Medical-Brings-Innovative-Blood-Irradiation-Indicator-to-Market.html

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