Top Market Share Leaders in the Global Digital Dentistry Market

Global digital dentistry market

The global digital dentistry market has seen significant advancements and growth in recent years. As of 2023, several key players have emerged as leaders, each contributing unique innovations and maintaining substantial market shares through diverse product offerings. In this blog, we will explore the top market share leaders in the digital dentistry market: Dentsply Sirona, Ivoclar, 3Shape, and 3D Systems.

1. Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona has consistently led the digital dentistry market, retaining its top position in 2023. The company’s dominance is largely attributed to its extensive range of chairside systems, particularly the CEREC® line, which has been a cornerstone of its market share. In addition to chairside systems, Dentsply Sirona offers products in the CAD/CAM milling system, standalone CAD/CAM scanner, and intraoral scanner markets. Their significant market share in permanent CAD/CAM materials has also been a major contributor to their overall presence in the digital dentistry market. Expanding its portfolio, Dentsply Sirona entered the dental 3D printer market with its new product,, further solidifying its leadership in digital dentistry.

2. Ivoclar

Ivoclar stands as the second-leading competitor in the global digital dentistry market. The company holds a strong position in the CAD/CAM milling system market and is a clear leader in the permanent CAD/CAM material market. Ivoclar’s wide range of products, including Telio cad®, IPS Empress®, and IPS e.max®, has bolstered its market share. The company’s robust presence in the CAD/CAM milling system market played a significant role in enhancing its overall market share in 2023.

3. 3Shape

Ranking third in the global digital dentistry market, 3Shape has carved out a strong presence, particularly in the CAD/CAM device market. The company excels in the laboratory scanner segment and holds a leading share in the intraoral scanner segment. 3Shape’s ongoing innovations and product enhancements have been pivotal in its market growth. The launch of the Trios™ 5 wireless intraoral scanner in 2022, which is more compact and lighter than its predecessors, exemplifies 3Shape’s commitment to innovation and market adaptation.

4. 3D Systems

3D Systems has emerged as a prominent player in the dental 3D printer market in 2023. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of sizes, indications, and technologies, such as the DMP Dental 100 in the metal dental 3D printer market and the ProX® 800, a large-format stereolithography apparatus (SLA) dental 3D printer. Additionally, 3D Systems offers large-format ProJet® printers that rely on jet technology. A significant milestone for the company was its 2017 acquisition of NextDent, which led to the introduction of the NextDent 5100®, a leading product in the DLP dental 3D printer market. This product is capable of using a range of 30 NextDent materials on a closed system, ensuring compatibility with other popular DLP printers. In 2023, 3D Systems launched the NextDent LCD1, a small dental 3D printer utilizing liquid-crystal display (LCD) technology, competing with products from Asiga, Formlabs, and SprintRay.


The global digital dentistry market continues to evolve with innovative technologies and expanding product portfolios. Dentsply Sirona, Ivoclar, 3Shape, and 3D Systems have established themselves as the top market share leaders, each contributing uniquely to the industry’s growth. Their continued advancements and strategic market positioning will likely shape the future of digital dentistry, benefiting practitioners and patients alike.

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