Top 4 Developments in the Global Dental Operatory Equipment Market

dental operatory equipment

As dental technology continues to advance, manufacturers are constantly improving their devices to enhance functionality and efficiency, leading to a higher demand for advanced dental operatory equipment. One of the latest developments is the introduction of electric handpieces, which offer better control through constant torque, alongside piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers and light-emitting diode curing lights. In the effort to stay up-to-date and offer the best possible service to patients, dentists strive to keep their equipment current. With 2022 and the beginning of 2023 ushering in new technological advancements, product innovations, and bundles, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top 4 market advancements. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting developments.


  1. January 2022: Biolase, a prominent company in the field of dental lasers, and EdgeEndo, a leading company in bringing endodontic products to market, announced that their EdgePRO system has received FDA 510(k) clearance. This approval offers endodontists a superior cleaning and disinfection alternative to traditional methods within root canal procedures. This new device is expected to significantly reduce the amount of bacteria found in the canal throughout outstanding cleanliness.
  2. February 2022: Midmark and Bien-Air announced a partnership to bundle Bier-Air handpieces with Midmark delivery units. Midmark and Bien-Air have teamed up to improve safety, optimize ergonomics, and enhance both clinician and patient experiences. With this collaboration, dental clinicians can now choose from Midmark’s Procenter and Elevance delivery units, which are equipped with Bien-Air’s latest micromotor and contra-angle handpieces to create an operatory-ready solution.
  3. November 2022: Acteon, a leading global dental technology company, has unveiled its C50 intraoral camera, which is specifically designed to provide dental practitioners with highly-detailed, high-quality images of their patients’ mouths. With its advanced features, the C50 is a crucial tool for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. The camera includes a powerful LED light that illuminates the oral cavity, ensuring that clinicians can capture clear and precise images. Additionally, the camera features an autofocus function that maintains sharpness and clarity at all times, even when capturing images of hard-to-reach areas.
  4. February 2023: DCI Edge has partnered with NSK, a top manufacturer of dental handpieces, to offer bundled packages of high-quality dental equipment. This collaboration allows dental practitioners to access complete packages of dental equipment that work seamlessly together. DCI Edge offers a comprehensive range of dental equipment, including delivery systems, chairs, stools, and lights, while NSK is known for producing some of the most advanced handpieces on the market.

In Summary 

In the past year, the dental operatory equipment market has seen exciting advancements in technology and product innovation. With the FDA clearance of Biolase and EdgeEndo’s EdgePRO system, endodontists now have access to a superior alternative for cleaning and disinfecting root canals. Midmark and Bien-Air’s collaboration has resulted in operatory-ready solutions that improve safety, optimize ergonomics, and enhance clinician and patient experiences. Acteon’s C50 intraoral camera provides high-quality, detailed images that are essential for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Finally, DCI Edge’s partnership with NSK offers bundled packages of high-quality dental equipment, bringing together their expertise to streamline the dental equipment procurement process. These advancements represent exciting progress in the global dental operatory equipment market and promise to improve patient outcomes for years to come.


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