The 3 Dominating Competitors Transforming the Clear Aligners Market

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a series of custom-made mouthpieces designed to fit over the teeth to provide both aesthetic and integral dental treatment. Through the use of either a digital intraoral scan or impression kit mould to obtain a 3D model of the patient’s teeth, a dentist or orthodontist can determine how to correct a patient’s bite and alignment through the creation of a treatment plan. This form of orthodontic treatment has seen a massive uptick in market value since its conception, and iData’s analysts have provided a top-down analysis of the top three competitors transforming the clear aligners market

The Top Three Competitors in the Global Clear Aligners Market:

  1. Align Technology
  2. SmileDirectClub
  3. Angelalign 

Align Technology:

Since the introduction of the Invisalign system in 1999, Align Technology has played a key role in the global clear aligners market. The Invisalign system has been used by approximately 10.9 million people in over 100 countries and continues to be adopted by tens of thousands of orthodontic and dental practices. Through the use of SmartTrack® material, specifically engineered as a minimally-invasive tooth movement option, Invisalign options has an expansive portfolio designed to deal with mild, moderate, and severe dental cases.


Since its inception in 2014, SmileDirectClub pioneered the direct-to-consumer method of clear aligner treatment and continues to act as a strong influencer within the market to this day. Through the use of SmileShops, SmileDirectClub’s pop-up locations, patients can undergo efficient intraoral scans and have clear aligners sent to their home until completion of treatment. Through their ease of operation, affordable prices, and convincing of no mandatory in-office appointments, SmileDirectClub has treated over 1.5 million patients globally and is considered a significant facet of the clear aligner market.


Founded in 2003, Angelalign is the leading local clear aligner manufacturer in China. Their product portfolio includes four lines of clear aligners, including Angelalign, Angelalign Pro, Angelalign Kid. Through the initiation of Angelaligns digitally-assisted case assessment support and treatment plan service, dental professionals are able to place orders and develop treatment cases through iOrtho, Angelalign’s cloud-based service platform. Leveraging its market leadership and local knowledge of China’s orthodontics market, Angelalign is set to increase its share of the potentially enormous Chinese market in the near future whilst exploring expansion opportunities in the global clear aligner market. 


 In 2020, the global clear aligners market reached approximately $3.5 billion. Despite COVID-19, the global market size has seen exponential growth and is expected to increase over the forecast period at an impressive CAGR of 28.5% to exceed 20 billion by 2027. Clear aligners are becoming an omnipresent treatment within the orthodontic space. Improved materials and scanning technology, as well as direct-to-consumer options, are resulting in products being supremely comfortable and adept to effectively and efficiently treating malocclusion. Patients generally prefer the look and feel of clear aligners when compared to braces. For more information on the global clear aligners market, including unit sales, average selling prices, market drivers and limiters, competitive market share analysis, and more, follow the link below to receive a free research summary of this report. In addition, we offer our complete Global Clear Aligners Report suite which includes the analysis of the clear aligners market in 70 countries and 7 regions.

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