Technological Advancements in Traditional Dental Treatment Centers Equipment are a Major Factor Driving Growth in the US Dental Operatory Equipment Market

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In the recent US dental operatory equipment market report by iData Research, research shows the dental operatory equipment market experienced growth over the last two years and will continue to experience growth over the forecast period. This growth will primarily be driven by an increase in the size of the dental profession and growing utilization of dental services by the aging baby boomer generation.

Technological advancements in traditional equipment such as treatment centers are also a major factor driving growth. These advancements have been key in getting practitioners to adapt their method of practicing to the needs of modern day patients and upgrading their equipment where necessary.

The top two growth industries in 2015 were the dental autoclave and caries detection device market. Growth in these industries was the result of a combination of increased capital expenditure due to the economic rebound and an increasing desire by practitioners to increase the value of dental treatment to patients by using technologically advanced equipment to give patients the impression that they are getting premium quality care. These are themes that have had wide impact across all the segments investigated in this report, and they have helped to drive growth in other segments.

A growing emphasis on ergonomics and spending on technologically advanced equipment will continue to impact the dental treatment center market. A changing composition of the dental profession and an evolving organizational structure in dental practices is increasing demand for premium quality products. Growth in the dental handpiece market is expected to continue over the forecast period due to an increase in the size of the dental hygiene and dentist professions. Market saturation, stiff competition and limited technological advances will continue to stymie growth in the curing light market. Continued growth in the popularity of ultrasonic scaling among dental hygienists will have an ongoing positive impact on growth in this segment. The intraoral camera market will continue to experience growth due to a preference for spending on technologically advanced products over traditional equipment. Strong growth in the dental autoclave market is due to an increase in the capital available for upgrades since the economic rebound and the expanding number and size of dental practices.

However, High market penetration and limited technological advancements will continue to limit strong growth in the suction system and dental air compressor market. Stiff competition and high market penetration is also expected to limit growth in practice management software. Use of practice management software is almost universal across the United States. Caries detection devices are experiencing a surge in popularity due to the expected high return on investment that these devices provide to practitioners. An expanding scope of general dental practices and ergonomics is driving demand for dental microscopes in the short term. The competitive landscape continues to be dominated by established large players in the market, even though smaller players, particularly in technologically advanced segments, have made inroads.

Large manufacturers like A-dec, Midmark and Pelton & Crane continue to dominate the competitive landscape, particularly in the traditional equipment sections, such as treatment centers and cabinetry. A strong showing by established but smaller manufacturers of traditional equipment, such as Takara Belmont and Planmeca was due to customer loyalty and established relationships as some practitioners have been willing to stay with their initial manufacturers because of familiarity.

Smaller competitors of the overall dental operatory equipment market like Air Techniques, Acteon, Kavo, DentalEZ and Dentsply have been able to hold onto modest portions of the market because of their dominance in one or two niche segments. Acteon, for example, has been able to successfully infiltrate the caries detection market because of its market-shifting technological advances that have helped dentists provide the type of evidence-based care that their patients are demanding.

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