RadiaDyne Receives Clearance for Two Additional FDA Indications for the OARtrac System

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RadiaDyne recently announced it received notice of additional FDA clearance for two new Indications of Use for their upcoming OARtrac® radiation dose monitoring platform. With these added indications, Physicians can now use OARtrac® to routinely monitor brachytherapy radiation dose in certain anatomies, as well as reuse the proprietary OARtrac® PSD (Plastic Scintillating Detector) sensor cable up to five times on the same patient.

“As we continue to submit and receive additional FDA indications for the technology, the OARtrac® system becomes a more robust and versatile product offering. With this milestone, Radiation Oncologists can now monitor multiple radiation delivery modalities within the same treatment center, as well as reduce overall treatment costs related to routine patient dose monitoring,” says John Isham, RadiaDyne’s founder. “The response from the Radiation Oncology community regarding the OARtrac® system is exceedingly positive and we are proud to be providing this remarkable and transformational technology which enables Radiation Oncologists from leading cancer centers to better treat their patients,” said Bret Boudousquie, President of RadiaDyne.

ABOUT OARTRAC: OARtrac® is a transformational, patented, patient monitoring technology which monitors the delivery of clinical radiation dose for cancer treatment in real-time. For decades, Physicians have desired to physically verify the actual in-vivo dose delivered during treatment to the targeted cancer tumor site and surrounding healthy tissue. The OARtrac® system can provide diagnostic pinpoint accuracy measurement of the radiation treatment plan by verifying the dose delivered is consistent with the prescribed dose. Furthermore, based on reviewing the accumulative dose data provided by the system, Radiation Oncologists can adjust subsequent treatment if required allowing for a true adaptive radiation therapy protocol.

ABOUT RADIADYNE: RadiaDyne is a privately held medical device and patient monitoring technology leader focused on improving cancer treatment outcomes. RadiaDyne designs and innovates specialized technology and treatment devices which assist Radiation Oncologists in delivering radiation dose to the cancerous targets while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. RadiaDyne is the pioneer in developing and offering real-time clinical dose monitoring systems through their patented innovative OARtrac® system.

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