POPS! Diabetes Care Announces FDA Clearance of Their POPS!® one System

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POPS! Diabetes Care is announcing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of their POPS!® one Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The system is designed to enable people with diabetes to successfully control their condition without their condition controlling them.

The POPS!® one System is a new approach to diabetes management. The digital health system combines the power of the user’s phone with a coaching app and a small, portable, and integrated glucose monitor. The differentiation of POPS!® one is through the combination of a very simple glucose testing experience with in-app coaching for the user. People who use the system are also able to review their results and trends at the touch of a button and share them with family or healthcare professionals.  It’s designed to create a quick process: The user presses down on one space to slightly prick a finger and then presses another slot to leave a blood sample. The device then takes a reading and sends it an app on the phone.

Mary, an individual who participated in a user study, said “I love the POPS!® one System. After 20 years with diabetes, POPS! is the simplest way I have found to know my blood sugar and manage my diabetes.”

POPS! Diabetes Care, who recently was named a Pepperdine Graziadio Business School Most Fundable Company, is preparing for commercialization in early 2019. “We are thrilled to have successfully worked with the FDA to clear this novel solution for people with diabetes. POPS! is delivering a simple experience to help people take action to achieve their goals,” said Lonny Stormo, CEO of POPS! Diabetes Care.

“What we are not trying to be is another medical device. We’re trying to be a very simple, approachable way for people to manage their blood sugar,” Stormo said.

About POPS! Diabetes Care, Inc.

POPS! is more than just a glucose monitoring system. We liberate and empower those with diabetes and their families. We transform healthcare for those with diabetes by offering a comprehensive digital health platform designed to encourage testing frequency, thereby lowering A1C count. From the simple ‘POP’ you feel when you get a blood sample to popping in to look at your glucose trends, we are adding a Pop of Personality to diabetes management.


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