Planmeca Offers First Total IoT Solution for Large Dental Clinics

Courtesy of Planmeca

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Planmeca has recently become the first manufacturer in the dentistry domain to offer a total IoT solution for large dental clinics or chain clinics. The solution is such that all Planmeca devices – such as care or CAD/CAM devices, and even imaging units – are connected electronically to automatically collect pertinent data. This connectivity can benefit dental chains by giving them real-time data on how their equipment is being used and plan future clinic operations accordingly.

“What makes our solution special is that it provides unique hardware telemetry that can be combined with practice management data and other information generated in a dental chain,” explains Planmeca’s Senior Vice President Tuomas Lokki. “This more complete information provides unforeseen possibilities for business intelligence and analytics.”

Planmeca’s intelligent solution gives large clinics the opportunity to track the time elapsed for varying dental procedures and present data on instrument usage. Additionally, it can track usage to ensure that correct infection control and radiation hygiene protocols for dental imaging techniques are being followed. This data can be analyzed with trends so that staff can strategize accordingly and improve the management of their long-term plans.

iData’s dental imaging market research shows that technological advancements – especially in reaching complete digital workflow – are great drivers for the overall dental imaging market. Furthermore, digital solutions such as Planmeca’s system are likely to cause a significant stir in an otherwise mature and stagnant market. This is due to information management for applications such as digital X-Ray upload becoming increasingly popular as images may be retaken immediately if needed and can be easily stored electronically, giving a great incentive for dental chains as this can provide a greater scope of file access.

“The future of dentistry will be driven by data. If you do not have data, you cannot perform analytics, so it is important that you invest in dental equipment that is capable of advanced data collection. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can start making better decisions based on gathered insights. Planmeca dental equipment has included network connectivity for more than a decade, a long time before IoT even became a talking point in the tech industry,” Tuomas Lokki sums up.


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