Optovue Introduces New AngioWellness™ Scan

AngioVue platform, courtesy of Optovue.

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Optovue has recently launched its new AngioWellness™ scan at Vision Expo East in New York. The AngioWellness scan employs Optovue’s existing AngioVue® optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) capabilities in order to rapidly assess and diagnose new pathologies in patients. This includes diabetic patients and patients that may have a heightened risk of glaucoma.

The AngioWellness system analyzes data with structural information on retinal and ganglion cell thickness, providing easy-to-read reports on retinal vasculature. This is the first patient monitoring tool of its type, and it was created to help eye care professionals produce a comprehensive assessment of diabetic patients and those at risk of glaucoma. As such, this technology helps to identify those who may require monitoring or medical eye care.

“The AngioWellness scan allows us to offer patients a more precise view of their eye health and manage at-risk patients for a longer period of time before referring them on for specialized care,” said Greg Caldwell, O.D. from Duncansville, Pa. “We are the first in our area to offer this type of comprehensive analysis to our patients. It allows us to get ahead of potential issues and develop a personalized treatment plan to ensure optimal patient management.”

Medical device market research on the diagnostic ophthalmic device industry notes that the optical coherence tomography (OCT) market segment is currently the largest in the overall market, representing over a third of the total market value. Devices such as these can be extremely useful, since they provide the ability to capture images of translucent or opaque material, like biological tissue, as resolutions similar to low-power microscopes. As such, their use in the retinal imaging industry has made them an integral part in tracking the progress of treatment and pathology for several ocular diseases. This market will mainly be driven by advancements in image resolution and performance as new technological innovations allow for the devices to provide even more precision.


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